Are fairy tales relevant in today’s world?

Fairy Tales may seem like an integral part of childhood. Priya Narayan examines the question “Are fairy tales relevant in today’s world?”

Bonding over Bond- The life and works of Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is a living legend and his works have enthralled children and adults alike. On the occasion of his 86thbirthday we take a look at some timeless works.

Look, Learn, Do- An interactive book about Indian artists by Purnima Sampat

Over three decades of experience of indulging in art with children, and being involved in designing art curriculums, Purnima Sampat understands well how children perceive art.

Stop Reading the News- A Manifesto for a Happier, Calmer and Wiser life by Rolf Dobelli

Most of us scan the news the first thing in the morning, and maybe even multiple times in a day. What if you get to know that the quality of your life will actually improve if you stop reading the news?

Mihira The Modern Gurukul: Hindu culture and wisdom re-packaged for modern times

Flashcards that making learning Slokas a game, illustrations that bring Hindu mythology and legends alive….Mihira The Modern Gurukul gives a modern spin to ancient wisdom.

Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose

The world of space is an infinite mystery. Humankind has always looked at uncovering the deep secrets that lie beyond the skies. Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose tells us the story….
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