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The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond

We all have someone whose philosophies of life we trust. For many readers world over, Ruskin Bond has been a writer whose amazing books and stories serve like a guiding torch. In May 2020 he turns 85. As I read Bond’s more recent books I sense the depth of the beautiful pearls of wisdom that he has garnered through a lifetime of writing from the heart amidst the beautiful hills of North India. 

A series of recent books gently dispel these nuggets of wisdom. Indeed, he has written several “Little Books” that comprise of words of love, compassion, courage, joy and positivity. The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond (Published by Penguin) contains some beautiful and poignant quotes and thoughts that all come together to create a gentle philosophy of life. Each page has one simple sentence or a couple of lines at the most. But, this conveys a deep thought and an inspiring message.

Each quote is rendered in beautiful fonts and one almost gets the feeling that it has been handwritten. There is space around the quote and I think that Bond would very much appreciate your jotting down your own thoughts in response! Going by the journals that he has come up with for readers, this is quite a possibility! 

It is a book that will take you through life!

How should one read this book? For me, reading through all the quotes at once for the first time and then dipping into the book from time to time works well. I also liked scribbling down my own thoughts related to the quotes onto the pages of this book, and that really made it truly my own. I like to play a little game with this book as well- I like to guess what ‘message’ the book has for me and then open to a page randomly! It’s fun… and fulfilling. You should try it out! 

But to quote Bond himself on how you can use this book, “keep this little book by your bedside, or your desk, or on your kitchen shelf, and then turn to it from time to time. It will have something comforting or helpful to say to you” he writes. 

It is a simple collection of quotes. But, as a good friend once told me in connection with another author, “it is a book that will take you through life,”.  

And this is probably what Ruskin Bond wants as well.  “These are words to live by, and over the years they have continuously helped me. If they can help you too dear reader, this little book would have served a good purpose “he concludes. Touché!

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.