Chemical Khichdi- How I hacked my Mental Health by Aparna Piramal Raje

A memoir that talks about the author’s lived experience with the bipolar condition, Chemical Khichidi is in part a self-help guide, and a very personal narrative about the nuances of living with a mental health condition.

Significant saints and the values they stand for

AdiDev Press brings three board books for toddlers that introduce significant saints and the values they stand for in a simply, aesthetic and accessible manner.

Soli Sorabjee: Life and Times. An Authorised Biography by Abhinav Chandrachud

This well researched biography places Soli Sorabjee in the centre and through him also speaks about the times he lived in, and indeed the values he lived for!

Kashmir! Kashmir! by Deepa Agarwal

Kashmir! Kashmir! by Deepa Agarwal is a collection of short stories for children and young adults, proving a fresh perspective on life in the valley.

Picture books for toddlers…two selections by Talking Cub

Two picture books for toddlers that will be refreshing additions to your child’s book collection.