Dhruv – Love Story of an Alchemist by Karan Verma

Benaras, the holy city by the holiest river Ganga, becomes the colourful background against which the story of Dhruv unfolds. A beautifully told tale of a boy’s journey in life.

Inside a Dark Box by Ritu Vaishnav

Inside a Dark Box paints a picture of what depression looks and feels like. By using the analogy of a Dark Box, the book portrays the mental landscape of a person who is undergoing depression.

The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond

The Little Book of Everything by Ruskin Bond contains some beautiful and poignant quotes and thoughts that all come together to create a gentle philosophy of life.

The joy of reading in today’s hyper-connected times

As we reel under the pressure of addiction to gadgets, let’s explore the age-old tradition of reading and storytelling.

Popcorn Hooray! By Ketaki Mazumdar

Ketaki Mazumdar’s beautifully illustrated picture book narrates a simple tale of love and sharing. Set in the midst of an enthralling forest, it whips up the imagination of children.

The Wizard Khizr- a magical folktale from Persia

The Wizard Khizr is a simple and crisp tale that takes the reader to the court of the Shah of Persia… leading to a surprising series of events and a heart-warming end!
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