MinMini Reads: Manolita by Sara Rajan

What would you do if you chanced to meet a sea creature in a human form? Rub your eyes in disbelief and make a run for it? Or, stay back to know more?

MinMini Reads- The Best Idea of All by Varsha Seshan

Young sisters Antara and Tarini with the help of their friend Salma have the best idea up their sleeves, to celebrate Holi in a unique way. All are invited to be a part of it!

The Book of Books: A journal to chronicle your reading reflections

The Book of Books leads the reader to record and reflect on cherished books in a guided journal that will turn out to be a reading memoir of sorts.

While the Birds Still Sing, A Life in Nature by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond celebrates the beauty and serenity of nature in While the Birds Still Sing, an exquisitely illustrated and sublime offering.

MinMini Reads: Paati Goes Viral by Prabhu Viswanathan

Meet Paati, social media’s most recent intrepid friendly sensation. So what if she is 73 years-old grandma who has taken the internet world by storm with her travel quest? Being viral is the new ‘in thing’.

The Champak Story Box- Tales and activities for the 7-12 age group

The Champak Story Box provides loads of edutainment for the 7-12 age group with its short snappy tales and variety of puzzles and activities.