Breathless by Jennifer Niven

Far from a light love story, Breathless takes hold over you, sinks its teeth into you and refuses to let go till the very end!

Trick or Treat? Halloween books to indulge in this season!

Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world, though not very extensively in India. However, it is a perfect excuse to read Halloween books, soon becoming a genre by itself!

The Festive Edit – Your book-buying and Diwali gifting guide

The festive season is here…and nothing beats gifting a book to young minds. With the Festive Edit we’ve got you covered with a list of books for Diwali gifting!

Wild Symphony by Dan Brown cracks the code for writing a musical treat for young readers.

Dan Brown’s “Wild Symphony” is a children’s book that pairs with a classical music album and an augmented reality app, even as it tells a delightful tale in rhyme.

Enola Holmes- The Sherlock Magic reinterpreted for our times

The imagined sister of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes steals the scene in Enola Holmes, recently released on Netflix. The Holmes magic continues, in keeping with the times!

Ramayana…An exquisitely illustrated book to bring the epic alive!

A book to bring the Ramayana closer to your child…. revel in exquisite illustrations from one of our favourite epics.