Turmeric Nation- A Passage Through India’s Tastes by Shylashri Shankar presents the reader with some deep food for thought.

Trying to comment on our rich cuisine and the diversity that goes back so many years and spans thousands of cultural traditions, is a herculean task. But, Turmeric Nation concocts a fine experience for the reader to relish.

The Journal Lab: Bringing the magic of journaling to your desk

Journaling is an activity that helps you literary find your balance, and a well-designed journal elevates the journaling experience to another level.

The Intuti has arrived- what tarot, gestalt psychology and intuition can do for your creativity

This deck of cards sets you off on a journey to tap into the power of your intuition. Are you ready to let the secrets of creativity unravel for you?

Conversations on the gut were never so appealing! Gut by Giulia Enders

Gut by Giulia Enders unravels the inner workings of our intestines, unravelling an appetizing platter of food for thought!

Begum, Badshah aur Baagwani by Geeta Dharmarajan

Who is the boss of gardening at home? Read this fun humorous tale from a child’s viewpoint as she silently observes her parents challenging each other! An enriching read from Katha Publishers.