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Breaking Moulds- Meera Mukherjee by Vaishali Shroff 

Breaking Moulds, a book about the pioneering sculptor Meera Mukherjee is a sculptural piece of art in itself, giving the reader a glimpse into her life and inspirations.

Why am I like this? A journey into Psychological Astrology by Judy Balan

 Psychological Astrology. To be very honest, I was not aware that the concept existed. I skeptically picked up Judy Balan’s book on the topic. Why am I like this? A journey into Psychological Astrology by Judy Balan (Simon and Schuster India) is part m …

The Great Health Scam by Gilles-Eric Seralini and Jerome Douzelet

The Great Health Scam, a conversation between a scientist and a chef, stirs up some potent concerns in the food and health industry, giving us, some food for thought!

Tell me the Truth about Love:13 Tales from the Therapists Couch by Susanna Abse

Psychoanalyst Susanna Abse draws upon three decades of experience as a couple’s therapist and presents thirteen case studies that portray nuances of romantic conflicts.

Colours With Radha Krishna….Rang Radha Krsna ke Sang

Bilingual board books are just perfect for today’s readers! Beautifully narrated and illustrated, this one explores the colourful world of Radha Krishna

The Smartypants series by Anushka Ravishankar 
Illustrated by Pia Alize Hazarika 

The dash of humour and eye catching graphics jostle with the facts and concepts presented, making the set of books a complete package.
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