Soli Sorabjee: Life and Times. An Authorised Biography by Abhinav Chandrachud

This well researched biography places Soli Sorabjee in the centre and through him also speaks about the times he lived in, and indeed the values he lived for!

Kashmir! Kashmir! by Deepa Agarwal

Kashmir! Kashmir! by Deepa Agarwal is a collection of short stories for children and young adults, proving a fresh perspective on life in the valley.

Picture books for toddlers…two selections by Talking Cub

Two picture books for toddlers that will be refreshing additions to your child’s book collection.

Are your emotions like mine? Chitwan Mittal and Shruti Hemani introduce emotional literacy for children.

“Are your emotions like mine?” by Chitin Mittal and Shruti Hemani introduce emotional literacy for children and paint a vivid picture of the emotional mindscape of a child.

Tulip of Istanbul by Iskender Pala deep-dives into Ottoman past through the realm of historical fiction.

A historical dive into the glory and decay of a period in history, Tulip of Istanbul tells the story of the great public revolt which changed the course of Turkey’s destiny.

Alone in a Crowd: Overcoming the loneliness of Urban Living by Samir Parikh and Kamna Chhibber

Eminent mental health professionals address the phenomenon of urban loneliness with pointers for a life that is calm and mindful, despite challenges of urban living!