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Songs of Freedom- Experience history through stories 

The Songs of Freedom Series place young children at the center of the struggle for India’s independence. At one level, there is the story of the struggle for independence playing out on the wider canvas. But, parallelly, and equally importantly are young minds coming of age in a world where they are about to make a big difference.

A Tree of my Own by Ruskin Bond

A Tree of My Own by Ruskin Bond introduces young readers to the restorative powers of nature, accessible to all!

The Death of Kirti Kadakia by Meeti Shroff-Shah

The Death of Kirti Kadakia is a thrilling whodunnit set in the affluent Temple Hill area of South Mumbai. This tale weaves mystery with nuanced portrayals of life in the community here.

When I Met The Mama Bear – A Forest Guard’s Story by Prerna Singh Bindra 

When I Met The Mama Bear – A Forest Guard’s Story by Prerna Singh Bindra (Talking Cub) takes us right in the midst of the Indian jungles, where life has its own pace and challenges. Priya is a forest guard, a single mother who lives in the depths of th …

Learning to Be with Women in Sports 

AdiDev Press has come out with another stellar series under the “Learning to Be” concept. Each new edition builds on the legacy of the older ones!
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