Saffron Stories- Get an “IndSight” into Indian culture, history and mythology

Saffron Stories creates educational materials such as flashcards to present content on Indian culture to meet the demand for products that root children to their culture, but are at the same time a fun experience and designed to high quality standards.

Demystifying puberty for children- Two books on puberty by Niyatii N Shah take on the task of educating children about changes in their bodies and minds.

Puberty is an important milestone in the lives of children. Sexuality Educator Counsellor Niyati Shah’s books on puberty seek to demystify the process for children. Informative and simple to understand these are a must-read for tweens and teens…and parents!

The Piano- story of a friendship by Nandita Basu

Fact and fiction merge in a story that spans time and continents, but is connected by a single object- a piano. This ‘piano story’ will strike a deep chord in your heart!

Sayajirao Gaekwad III: The Maharaja of Baroda by Uma Balasubramaniam

Uma Balasubramaniam dons the mantle of a historian as she recreates the life and times of a beloved ruler of Baroda- Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Are you ready for a trip down the annals of history?

ThinkleBuds- A refreshing new take on developing holistic skills that encompass social-emotional growth as well as life skills

ThinkleBuds arms parents and educators with products to focus on the mental and emotional well-being of children, vital life-skills like effective time and money management, understanding emotions, self-love, empathy, gratitude and more.

Let’s talk nonsense literature…..Habber-Jabber-Law by Sukumar Ray

It may have a not-so-serious sounding name, but nonsense literature has a lot to offer readers of all ages. Dive into this fascinating world through an equally fascinating book.
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