Ten Indian Art Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved by Mamta Nainy 

In Ten Indian Art Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved, author Mamta Nainy deftly delves into perplexing puzzles of Indian art history, where the readers are duly invited to become detectives in their own right!

Live your Best Life by Dr. Amrinder Bajaj

“Live Your Best Life” Dr. Amrinder Bajaj has a clear message- “menopause is the end of menstruation, not the end of the world”.

Sone Chandi ke Buth by K.A.Abbas, writings on cinema 

Khwaja Ahmed Abbas’ Sone Chandi Ke Buth rekindles the enigma of authentic writing on Indian cinema, straight from the heart!

The Queen Who Ruled the Waves and Other Amazing Tales of Royalty from Indian History by Indira Ananthakrishnan

This fascinating volume of short stories dives deep into historical tales about Indian aristocracy and royalty. Targeted at middle graders, the book is a must for lovers of historical fiction.

Indian women in science: A stage for a more empowered and fair future for young children

Four board books open a window into the lives of women in science whose travails and stories will continue to inspire the youngest of children!

Songs of Freedom: That Year at Manikoil by Aditi Krishnakumar

The Songs of Freedom series by Penguin Random House explores the lives of children across India during the struggle for independence.