Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting Tale of The Magic Cup

Whimsical creatures, evil villains, unsuspecting children and an unforgettable adventure. The Magic Cup has it all!

Indian Fantasy at its Quirky Best: A Pandemonium in Pakshila

Embark on a humorous adventure involving a young boy entrusted with the task of solving the mystery of JustIt in the fantasy world of Pakshila.

One Day Elsewhere-four historically important events through the eyes of a child.

“One Day Elsewhere” retells four historically important events of the 20th century through the eyes of a child: an oil spill in France, the Dandi March, the Moon Landing and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

These board books for toddlers will stretch their imagination and foster a love for books and reading.

Toddlers do have a sense of humour, and a very unique worldview. Their minds are open to new thoughts and creative combinations. Three humorous board books for toddlers introduce a fun world to young children.