My First Hanuman Chalisa- a translation that kids can read, understand and enjoy.

Independent children’s book publisher AdiDev Press brings the magic of Hanuman Chalisa to readers young and old, with captivating illustrations and simple translations.

Ganga’s Choice and Other Stories by Vaasanthi

Ganga’s Choice and Other Stories is a rare insight into the nuances of human behaviour, particularly when people are caught at crossroads, in sensitive ambiguous situations.

The life changing magic of nutrition

How not to Die urges the reader to view lifestyle and diet as a path overcome the diseases and conditions that steal away our health, wellbeing and even our lives.

Spaceship to the Universe- The Story of Libraries by Shruthi Rao and Anuradha Jagalur

Libraries are living, breathing, and evolving platforms that give human beings a glance into their past even as they build on the future. Here is the story of libraries.

MinMini Reads: A Time for Ebby by Poile Sengupta

Clockmaking is an art and a craft that takes years to perfect. Who better than the Ebons from the town of Nimish would know all about it?

Infectious: Pathogens and How we fight them by John S Tregoning

Infectious by John S Tregoning paints a nuanced picture of pathogens and their continued tryst with humanity.