Coming Home by Priti David, a story of bridging distances

What can motivate youngsters to seek livelihood in their own villages, closer home than move to cities and work in less than ideal conditions? Would coming home ever be a reality for them?

The Snail with the Right Heart by Maria Popova

A gorgeously illustrated picture book by Maria Popova combines art, science and emotion to tell a fascinating tale dating back to creation.

My Big Little Journal by Bhavika Sachdeva

Self-help is the best help. As journaling becomes the norm of our times, My Big Little Journal by Bhavika Sachdeva ticks the boxes for journaling with children.

The Magic in You: Awaken Your Soul by Deepa Rajani

You hold the key to your destiny. You can manifest your desires. But first, are you ready to find the magic in you?

Drink your way to health with 50 Desi super drinks by Lovneet Batra

Superfoods have had their day, and now it’s time for super drinks to come to the forefront! Ready for a sip?

Wisdom from world religions in The Phoenix in the Sky by Indira Anantkrishnan

Relish tales of wonder and wisdom from world religions, philosophical schools of thought and inspiring personalities.