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Picture books for toddlers…two selections by Talking Cub

Last Night I Saw a Dream by Rabindranath Tagore

It is not very often that a toddler reads Tagore. Last Night I Saw a Dream is the apt book to give your toddler a taste of Tagore’s literary prowess. Translated by Sudeshna Shome Ghosh and illustrated by Adrija Ghosh, the simple words, rich ideas and fascinating illustrations take the child into a world of dreams. This charming poem about a city of the move ignites the readers imagination. 

The young protagonist lets her imagination run wild as she dreams of her Kolkata running and moving. the illustrations bring the poem to life. The sheer genius of Tagore shines through the very concept of the book and the vivid imagination of the child, that actually knows no bounds. 

What do you Want to be When you Grow up?

Written by Jerry Pinto and illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan this is a fun poem with a strong message delivered in a fun manner. Don’t most children love to talk about what they will be when they grow up? The protagonist revisits the host of things he can become.

The picture book is a poem and hence the reading of the verse brings with it its own joy. Most heartening however is the strong message that what the child wants to become really shouldn’t matter to anyone else. What matters most is that he should be happy and be himself! 

The book gently brings to life the world of possibilities that exist for anyone who cares to think out of the box.

These two picture books from Talking Cub will be refreshing additions to your toddler’s book collection.