Daisy Dolls by Cao Wenxuan and Zhao Lei

Karadi Tales brings forth a beautifully illustrated and translated Chinese folktale to India.  Daisy Dolls, written by Cao Wenxuan and illustrated by Zhao Lei tells the tale of Hua, a doll maker who lives in a charming little town in China. 


Thrive in Retirement by Eric Thurman

The romance of retired life often comes shattering down when faced with reality. How can one thrive in retirement? Eric Thurman’s book, Thrive in Retirement offers simple secrets to being happy for the rest of your life. 


Sera Learns to Fly by Vinitha

What can a little ant do when every other ant in her colony thinks that ants don’t fly? But, she really wants to soar high! Sera Learns to Fly is a picture book that is a gentle lesson in believing in yourself.

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