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Bookedforlife Roundup- the best Creative writing books for children

Bookedforlife rounds up a list of tried and tested creative writing books for children. Creative writing is one of the areas that not only children but also teachers and parents often struggle with!

One of the major issues with typical writing assignments is that it often overwhelms the child, making the task look like a mammoth one. Moreover, topics are often uninspiring. (Remember that typical essay on what I did in my holidays that you may have written year after year?).

Good creative writing books for children will have a host of suggestions applicable to a variety of children, or even to different moods of the same child. They will have fun-filled suggestions of activities that will often stretch the mind and put the child at ease. These books must make the child see creative writing as a fun exercise.

Here are our recommendations for the best Creative writing books for children

If You’re Trying To Teach Kids How to Write….You’ve Gotta Have This Book! By Marjorie Frank

This book will help teachers who teach creative writing in a classroom setting, and parents who want to work on creative writing with their children as well. It is a one-stop resource for all aspects of writing right from creating the perfect climate for the activity, the process of writing, tools and techniques, revising and editing, creating a portfolio, assessment as well as presenting the final work. It has a lot of practical tips and prompts for all these varied aspects of creative writing for kids.

Best for: A comprehensive and holistic look at all the processes that go into the creative writing experience.


Leap Write In! by Karen Benke


The goal of this book is to let young writers lose their inhibitions and have fun with the process of writing. There are many prompts and suggestions on finding the child’s unique writing voice. The exercises given in this book allow for more expressive kind of writing where children are encouraged to leave their shy selves behind, and explore as well as express emotions- both positive and negative.


Best for: Tweens and Teens who yearn to find their own voice and style in their writing.


Rip All the Pages- 52 Tear-out Adventures for Creative Writers by Karen Benke

This book is filled with exciting writing exercises for children. The physicality of the reader’s interaction with this book is something that really stands out. As you navigate the book, you rip a page, deal with it and then move on to the other. There is also a sensory aspect to the activities mentioned. For example, one of the activities is ‘detonate a memory with flammable words- I remember’. Such activities add a sensory dimension to the act of writing. Each page has a specific writing exercise. Words of encouragement are woven very neatly into the exercise. This is helpful and motivating to the writer.

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Best for: Short, snappy and fun activities for younger and beginning writers


Writing is Fun by Jeanne Perrett 

This book takes a middle grader through the joys of creative writing in a gentle and guided fashion. It is packed with several short but useful tips that truly make writing fun- which is what it should be! It is an introduction to a wide variety of genres of creative writing, guided exercises that gently lead the child to write more challenging stuff and an appealing design and presentation. A writing activity book which actually makes it easy to write right!

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Best for: Middle graders, and for introducing a variety of writing genres to children. It is an exercise book as well, so the child can write in the book.


Creative writing occupies an important (though sometimes sadly scary) place in a child’s school life. Creative writing books for children need to address the skills required of the children as they move ahead in their academic career. However, they also need to let the kids let their hair down and have some fun! In addition to the books listed above, if you have tried any book that unlocks a whole new world while teaching writing, do let us know!