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Feather Tales: The Paradise Flycatcher

The Feather Tales series of books by Deepak Dalal are quite special. For one, they are inspired by nature and the Indian wilderness finds a prominent space within them. Secondly, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! The third book in Feather Tales series, Feather Tales: The Paradise Flycatcher, brings one more exciting adventure for young readers.

Feather Tales: The Paradise Flycatcher

Meet young Mitalee- a brave girl who loves her feathered and furry friends. But, where is Snowdrop, aka Shikar…her rare and exotic squirrel? The creatures who inhabit the beautiful Rose Garden are sad and gloomy. The beloved white-headed squirrel is missing. He was last seen with a paradise flycatcher, a stunning bird with a long white tail. He has left no other trail.

Can the animals and birds of the rose garden find him? Can Mitalee find him? The creatures and the humans….both embark upon a quest. Both have one goal in mind- to find Snowdrop.

While the loyal band of birds fly to distant forests to track down the beautiful flycatcher, Mitalee and her friends uncover the cruel world of illegal pet trade. Both these instances are linked to finding Snowdrop. Will they be able to coordinate their efforts for this goal? In an exciting and fast paced narrative, the creatures and the children work to get the squirrel back. But, it is a path wrought with danger. The thrilling chase is a testimony to the power of friendship and love.

The author Deepak Dalal is an avid nature enthusiast and this comes across strongly in the vivid descriptions of India’s flora and fauna in the book. Of course, the cherry on the cake are the absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Krishna Bala Shenoy.

In short…

Well, Feather Tales: The Paradise Flycatcher has an exciting plotline to keep young readers on the edge till the very end! Add to this the beautiful illustrations and evocations of the Indian wilderness!


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Title: Feather Tales: The Paradise Flycatcher

Author: Deepak Dalal

Publisher: Puffin Books India

Genre: Adventure

Age group: 8 onwards