Features and reviews of books that have special interest for young adults. The 12-18 age group is challenging and difficult to please. Inhabiting the “YA” world is exciting in itself- it is a world where media consumption is not restricted to books alone. We are looking at young people who are more aware and attuned to the dynamics of the changing world than ever before. This section presents book reviews as well as general interest stories related to YA literature.

Hold on To Your Dreams by Ruskin Bond

At the ripe old age of 90, the very versatile Ruskin Bond comes out with a simple, short and beautiful book that carries within its pages little gems of wisdom gathered over a lifetime. 

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Starry Starry Night – an ode to grief 

Death, a character in the graphic novel “Starry Starry Night” has a surprisingly reassuring presence in this book written by Nandita Basu. about two people dealing with grief.

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Zen by Shabnam Minwalla 

The lives of two young girls, both named Zainab intersect, though they are so far apart in time. a suspense, romance, coming of age…heartwarming novel!

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