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The Bird Book by Bulbul Sharma 

The Bird Book by Bulbul Sharma (Talking Cub) is a beautiful board book for toddlers and young children, that takes them through the world of birds through exquisite and soothing artwork. 

Bulbul Sharma is an artist and a writer, and both these worlds merge together in this book that acts as a window from which little children can peer through and admire simple and exotic birds. There is a nest, little chicks, a pigeon, owl, a parakeet, ducks, sunbirds, flamingos, and more.

For me, the book works at two levels. At one level, it is a very beautifully produced and colourful board book about birds. The words and pictures complement each other beautifully and the book will be a source of delight to young eyes. However, at another level, the book is about art. What really stands out is the quality of the illustrations and the production of the book in itself. I have always believed that young children must also be exposed to good art, and to paintings so that it distills a creative essence within their hearts. I think this book does achieve that to a great extent! 

Bulbul Sharma is also a storyteller and she has interacted with children across different workshops in art as well as storytelling. She is quite in sync with what appeals to them. If you wish to read a book on birds for older children I would recommend Sharma’s Birds in my Garden and Beyond

The Bird Book by Bulbul Sharma is a book one would love to keep and cherish forever! Not to mention, a great option for gifting as well! 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.