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Pencil – The all-in-one Platform Revolutionising Self-Publishing


Mumbai-based free self publishing platform, Pencil helps writers become authors by publishing their work worldwide for free, understanding how their book is being consumed, making dynamic edits and selling new versions worldwide to improve their content. The first of its kind, Pencil is fitted with reader analytics and editing tools that allow writers to revise their published work on the basis of data. Catering to writers across the globe, Pencil facilitates self-publishing in 60+ languages, including all Indian languages, and allows global distribution of books in both Paperback and eBook formats for free.

Books published through Pencil are distributed across multiple global retailers for free and are available on various purchasing platforms in eBook and paperback formats. Aiming to create a transparent publishing system, unlike other platforms that restrict royalty payments with various terms & conditions, Pencil helps authors earn royalty for every copy sold within the mentioned timelines. 

In the current self-publishing landscape, authors can either choose to opt for supported self-publishing where they publish via purchased services or opt for self-publishing platforms with a limited distribution like KDP, Barnes & Noble Press, and others. Pencil disrupts this with their unique offering which helps writers become authors by helping them write, design, publish, and distribute their book worldwide on 400+ retailers in eBook and paperback formats for free.

Pencil’s platform makes the process of publishing fairly simple. So in case you are wondering how to publish your own book online, your search ends here! Using Pencil’s platform, you can publish your work in 5 easy steps:

(Visit and sign up on the writing platform for free to get started)

  1.  Add and Edit Your Manuscript

Once you log in, you can start writing to add your manuscript to the Pencil Editor. At this stage, you can format and edit your writing, have an overview of your updated draft, and even make notes on the side to access when necessary. Once done, you can move to the next stage to add book information. 

  1. Add Book Information

At this stage, you are required to input essential details about your book including title, author, subtitle, genre, sub-genre, back blurb, and keywords.

  1.  Design a Book Cover

Pencil provides you with four options in going ahead with a book cover:

  • Upload a book cover of your own: You will have to upload one that will fit the 5×8 dimension
  • Use a cover from one of the available ready-to-use beautiful free templates on the platform
  • Use the canva plugin to access millions of designs for the book cover
  • Avail Pencil’s Premium Designing services for a nominal fee

Irrespective of the option you pick, the spine and the back blurb will be auto-generated on the Pencil Cover creator to fit within the chosen cover.

  1. Set Price and Check Royalty

At this stage in self-publishing on Pencil, you can choose to publish in either eBook or paperback – or in both formats! Pencil’s price recommendation and royalty calculator tools suggest the minimum price that you can set for your book to earn royalty. You can set the price at this stage to check royalty. 

  1. Digitally Sign the Author-Publisher Agreement

Before finally moving on to publish, you have to sign the author-publisher agreement with Pencil digitally. For this stage, you will require a government-approved ID. Once done, within 10-12 days your book will be available on 400+ retailers across 16 countries and regions in eBook and paperback formats. This includes Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and more.

Pencil’s mission is to democratize creativity for content creators within publishing. It empowers writers by enabling opportunities for creative growth alongside creative monetization. Taking long strides amidst the changing landscape of content creation and engagement, Pencil’s free self-publishing provides budding writers and story-tellers with a platform to bring their creativity to a global audience. Unlike any other self-publishing platform, Pencil upholds its writers’ active presence throughout the publishing process right from creating a draft to selecting a book cover and setting the price to digitally signing the author-publisher agreement. 

As a global community platform hosting self-publishing and a reader app, Pencil bridges gaps between readers and writers. While writers find an avenue of dynamic content creation on Pencil’s authentic writing platform, readers’ needs are quelled through the platform’s reader app. Regaling a diverse reader demographic, Pencil is also building a reader app that will host key insights from 1000+ international non-fiction books alongside featuring content in multiple languages. 

Functioning as a gateway to transparent and dynamic publishing, Pencil is a platform that seeks to democratize creativity and content engagement through empowerment and interaction among writers, readers, and story-tellers worldwide.