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Indian Fantasy at its Quirky Best: A Pandemonium in Pakshila

What makes a story enjoyable for children? Is it humour? Is it mystery? Is it illustrations? Well, Kalpish Ratna’s A Pandemonium in Pakshila has all this and much more! A meandering story of a young boy mysteriously dubbed JustIt, receives a letter from an old uncommon aunt that takes him on a hearty adventure up to the fictional Cloud Street accompanied by Anil the squirrel. 

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books, A Pandemonium in Pakshila is a light and fun read that captivates the imagination of young readers and gets their creative juices flowing. The story is supplemented by various illustrations and drawings that gives a tangible depiction of the author’s imagination and adds a layer of detail to the story. 

One of the best parts of A Pandemonium in Pakshila is the relatability of the story. Although it is fantasy, the story is strictly Indian. This is evident in the description of a typical Indian household. Large families, nosy relatives and other elements are reminiscent of Indian culture which seamlessly combines with the fantastical nature of the story. 

Author Kalpish Ratna tells the story of JustIt with so much humour that the reader is constantly wondering as to what direction the story will take thus engaging them in the story at all times. The story ends with a thrilling climax that is sure to remain in the mind of the reader long after it is over. A Pandemonium in Pakshila is suitable for children over the age of 10 years and is a delightful book that will help young readers think out of the box. 

Sanjana Parikh

Sanjana is a freelance writer and content creator with an affinity for books and chocolates. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, baking, movies and music.