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Library décor: Wallpapers for the home library

Wallpapers are versatile. With the vast array of choices and the mess-free set up they offer, home owners are keen to use them all over. How can the right wallpapers boost the look of your home library? Rohit Gupta of Elementto Wallpapers has some suggestions on using wallpapers for the home library.

Wallpapers with text create a beautiful effect.

What aesthetically distinguishes wallpapers for a home library from wallpapers used for other spaces?


The most luxurious part of a home for an avid reader is his library. The atmosphere and silence with the set-up of the room helps him to leave the world behind and spend some time alone with lots of reading. No clutter like the bedrooms, and no mess and noise around the corner! It’s more about making the room cosy and comfortable with minimalistic items. It doesn’t need to be a statement factor. Yet, it needs to stand out from the rest of the area indoors. It is the most knowledgeable room one can have. These factors differentiate the selection of wallpapers in the library room from the rest of the house. The wall décor plays an important role to bring out the feeling towards the room.

Many people think that wallpapers featuring books or book characters, or text are apt for libraries, which is true. But, many other designs also work well. What is your take on that?


Library wallpapers need not solely feature books and is nice to merge elements.

Yes, the most common trend for a library room is books and characters. However, there are a set of people who imagine their library differently. This calls for eliminating the common and going in for something unusual. For example, the texture of the veneer book shelves could continue on the walls with veneer shades of wallpaper. One can use vintage designs to bring in an English look.


Any tips on choosing wallpapers for a home library?


It all depends on the size of the room, theme followed and of course the budget. I would suggest not to make it too busy and maintain simplicity. After all, the purpose of the room differs. Pick something soothing and relaxing. It should be simple, yet elegant. You can use funky design wallpapers on walls of the shelves. Spot something every time you remove a book! You could add some scenic designs to give a nature friendly effect. One can also choose books and papers for a wider book shelf look.

What advantages would wallpapers have over other finishes, specifically for a home library?


The main advantage is that it gives book lovers the real feel of a library at home. They can choose the theme and follow it all over instead of dealing with textured paints. One can change the theme and colour scheme frequently without the hassle of disturbing the book shelves. They don’t have to vacate the room even for a few days. The job of redoing the wallpaper is a quick solution.

Do you feel wallpapers can work to segregate book-nooks in homes where there may not be special library areas?


For those who do not have the space for a library but yet desire a little corner of their own, wallpaper works best. They can make a fun corner with images of books, novels, paper cuttings and so on. This will give that area a feel of a library. There are murals available with the library set up which eliminates the gaps.

Any trends in home library decor that you would like to talk about?

One of my favourites is the vintage look. The curtain backdrops, long chandeliers, rustic colours along with your book and coffee on your couch is the best way to kick start a new thrilling book. A backdrop of the window can make it comfortable to lean against the wall to read. Murals of hallway and passages are apt to make it look spacious.

So, the next time your book-nook needs an update, you know that wallpapers for the home library could be the best bet!


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