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Diving into the Self-Love Journal by Switch Research

Switch Research creates easily accessible and evidence-based mental health resources for individuals for self-improvement. We dive into the self-love journal, (which is available as a hardcopy as well as an E-copy). The journal dips into the benefits of journaling for self-awareness.

Excerpts from our conversation and converse with Ian Wilson, co-founder of Switch Research to know more. 

The journal dips into the benefits of journaling for self-awareness.

What is the reasoning behind 90 days as a base time in the Self-Love Journal? 

We chose a 90-day timeline for a few reasons.  90 days gave us enough time to cover each of the topics without feeling rushed.  Learning often takes repetition. We wanted to ensure there were a lot of opportunities to “concrete” the information in the user. This would help to start to create new habits and behaviors around Self-Love.

This guided journal addresses the issue of ‘self’, as it is ultimately where everything begins. What are some of the other topics and mental wellbeing issues for which you think this format would work? 

This is an awesome question, and one that we spend a lot of time on!  We are actually currently developing a whole array of new products using the journaling method. Topics in development right now include Trauma, Silencing Your Inner Critic, and Postpartum.

Once users have completed the journal how can they keep in touch with the insights?

We hope that the journal is one that can be revisited time and time again. It is not something that needs to be completed and then put on a bookshelf.  In fact, many find it helpful to go back and review previous journal entries for reminders and to see progress and how much they have learned and changed.

There are some key concepts such as Mindfulness, selfcare, gratitude and so on, which you very interestingly weave into the self-love philosophy. You also ‘revisit’ these concepts later in the journal. Do the users normally notice this evolution? What does this personal evolution point out to them? 

No two journeys are the same, and that is true with these key concepts around Self-Love that we cover.  For example, Self-Care can look very different for two individuals (one may hike for Self-Care, another may cook for Self-Care), but that doesn’t make one or the other more “right”.  Our ideal is that through their individual journey they increase compassion towards themselves, and that some of these techniques can help someone live a more fulfilled life.

You have an eBook as well as an option of purchasing a hard copy. Do you think handwriting compares better to typing out responses? 

We aim to make our products accessible for everyone, many people love writing in the physical journal, but many others prefer a digital copy on their tablet or computer.  Having both methods allows us to get the product into more peoples’ hands, and that is a big goal of ours.  

Could you share any insights from user feedback from this journal? 

Yes! We have had an incredibly positive response from this journal.  One user said they use the journal as an everyday reminder, a constant practice, in being kinder, and compassionate to themselves.  Here are a couple of other direct quotes we have received from customers:

“I opened our mailbox today and pulled out my self-love journal and my heart did an excited dance. I’m already obsessed! The journal has an open spacious feel, with just the right touch of minimalistic imagery. The prompts are soft, soothing to help let your guard down and get deep into yourself. I love the clean font and colour scheme. The spiral binding makes it easy to read back in reflection or forward if you’re like me and like to read ahead. It’s all around an amazing purchase, I plan to gift some to friends!”


“Lots of thought-provoking exercises that really help with coming to peace with oneself. Well worth the purchase price!”

Self-healing and taking your own mental health in your hands is quite empowering on one hand. However, there are times when a professional may need to step in. What are the limitations or the scope of this journal? 

This journal is not a replacement for any healthcare professional, such as a doctor or therapist, etc.  Instead, it is meant to be an additional resource for people to improve their relationship with themselves.  We hope that people still always seek the care of the appropriate healthcare professionals.

The process of following the journal in itself is cathartic, and is an act of self-care! Could you specifically tell us why the journal (be it e-journal or hardcopy) works better for the concepts you want to instil vis a vis another mode like an e-course for example? 

Everyone learns in a different way, so rather than one resource over another we are aiming to build a multitude of resources.  For example, the Self-Love topic is covered in a hardcover journal, an e-journal, and a digital course.  As we grow we will be increasing the amount and the type of our offerings to make sure as many people as possible can benefit from these resources. 

Journaling holds immense potential in the realm of self-care and mental health. Switch Research translates this practice into an easy to use system that is indeed a game changer in the field!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.