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The Code: Awaken the hidden wisdom of your heart by Mukta Mahajani

Haven’t we all heard about that thing called the inner voice? But, as we traverse through life, it is worth asking ourselves the question – have we suppressed this inner voice? The Code: Awaken the Hidden Wisdom of your Heart is a book that aims to bring back to life this dying flame. The credentials of the writer, Mukta Mahajani, add authenticity and perspective to this book. Published by Jaico Books, this is the book you must read if you want to embark on a journey of introspection. As you navigate the book, you will realise that the answers to your questions are within your heart, and within the intense introspective journey that you will undertake. 

What makes The Code a book that is impactful in what it promises to deliver? I think it’s a mix of several factors. The book is divided into seven key sections that talk about seven negative attributes that we need to conquer, such as Ego, Over-Competitiveness, Jealousy, Over expectations, Over ambition, Anger and Procrastination.  Within each section there are several stories and examples that drive home the point the author is trying to make. The text is also peppered with quotes from various personalities and thinkers. The key point itself, that is, ‘the code’ is boxed and presented in a very accessible manner. 

However, for me the short list of contemplative questions that accompany each point are the mainstay of this book. Each sub-section has a dedicated list of contemplative questions. These are sure to get the reader in introspection mode. A book or a text is useful if one actually manages to internalise the points that are made. By using these questions as an integral part of the narrative, Mahajani is actually encouraging the reader to pause and think before jumping on to the next section. You may just find that a few questions particularly may touch a nerve, and that’s exactly the purpose! 

If the purpose of a book is to make the reader think and reflect, this is what these questions set out to do. It is this process that will open you up to your inner voice. Though the book is easy to read and simple, I would recommend taking time and savouring the points and questions before moving on, in order to get full benefit from reading it! 

Through a bank of several stories and incidents, the book illustrates how negative attributes work in practice. It also looks at each negative attribute in a multidimensional manner. 

At the end of each section there is also a handy checklist, similar to a little test that will objectively tell you where you stand in terms of a specific quality such as ego, tendencies of over expectations and so on. 

Mukta’s background has given this book a unique attribute. With an author who speaks on Alternate Dispute Resolution methods, one can expect nothing less! Moreover, she has degrees in psychology, anthropology and Law. Couple this with over two decades of experience, and you have a person who has a really deep and nuanced understanding of human behaviour in all its complexity! This understanding comes across beautifully in The Code, in simple language with great clarity and lucidity. A must-read if you are looking at getting in touch with your core! The Code is all set to guide you! 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.