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Fix it with Food- Superfoods to become Super Healthy by Kavita Devgan

The word Superfood has become a buzzword in dietary lexicon. Today, we have so many schools of thought that give diverse, sometimes opposing views on what to eat, when and how. We use the term superfoods so much that one may now tend to associate it with expensive and often unpronounceable and exotic names. 

However, Fix it with Food- Superfoods to become Super Healthy by Kavita Devgan (Published by Rupa Publications) demystifies the concept of superfoods. Put very simply, here is a book that will tell you in simple clear terms, what are the healthiest natural foods that you can eat, and how you can eat them. 

It is very ironical that today, we are all over fed and yet we lack nutrients! Superfoods, in simple terms, are extremely nutrient-rich foods. However, when we look at a food item in front of us, how much do we really know about it? How much do we know about what it can offer us? This book will provide you with detailed information about the exact benefits that specific foods provide to you. For example, I knew that apples were good for health, like everyone else does. But, on reading this book I realized that an acid present in the peel of the apple actually aids weight loss. Hence, the logic of eating the apple with the peel. In similar vein, the book enumerates the advantages of several superfoods. There are some common names and some indigenous foods that we seem to have forgotten.

Once we know what foods are good for us, we may need help on how to eat them. Agreed, that peeling a banana and popping it in your mouth is the most natural way to eat a banana. But, interesting alternatives like whipping it up in a smoothie or making it into a fruit salad, would surely increase your chances of sticking to eating that healthy banana for a longer time! Moreover, if you don’t naturally like the taste of a specific superfood experimentation with different ways of eating it would help you make it more appetising. The book has several creative and simple-to-implement food tips that give the reader suggestions on how they can incorporate the mentioned superfoods into their daily meals. 

And yet, it is not just the different ways of cooking varied superfoods that are helpful. Where this book scores is that it explains how you can cook combinations of foods, to get the maximum nutritional benefit. For instance, when we cook carrots with some amount of fat, the antioxidants are better absorbed. There is a mini-chapter at the end of each chapter and this focuses on readier to implement food tips. 

You will also encounter some good old local wares that we have forgotten over time. For example, water chestnuts are surprisingly so versatile to cook! But more often than not, I have seen people consuming them raw. While this is very good for sure, have we explored options of cooking it with other foods? Or consuming the flour? I found that the book opened my eyes to the wealth of superfoods. Maybe we ignore them today but they have been a part of our diets for generations. A dedicated chapter talks about ancient foods that we must bring back on our plates. 

There are some chapters on specific foods. One of my favourites is the chapter on peels that we must eat! Yes, now that we’re consuming superfoods why not get the best out of them? I never knew that one could consume peels in myriad ways! The cherry on the cake is the recipe section at the end. This gives delectable and healthy recipes that make use of these superfoods in a creative manner. 

Fix it with Food is seasoned with fun facts about the superfoods. The super simple language makes it very accessible. The information is organized brilliantly. It is a handy companion to have in your kitchen. It will show you that the best nutrition is available in your own backyard. The healthiest recipes already exist in the ancient wisdom and practices of our culture. And all these foods are easily adaptable to our modern lives. This book is a handy guide to the kind of foods we need to eat. It also tells us how we can easily incorporate them in our diet. Keep it on your kitchen shelf and refer to it from time to time. Are you ready to dip into this treasure trove of nutrients?

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.