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Dearest George by Alicia Souza

Love and humour make good bedfellows. This is especially true if you’re a “happiness illustrator” and seeing the funny side of things is a habit. It also helps if talking tongue-in-cheek is the way you talk. This is why Dearest George by Alicia Souza (published by Penguin) is a just so perfect expression of the lighter side of love.

This is to put it in the author’s style, a private diary made public! Now all you voyeurs out there, hold your horses! The book depicts common post-marriage scenes which on first glimpse seem trivial but look at it with humour and they strike a chord within you. You start to see the poignancy and gentleness in the little moments of love that fleet in and out as a married couple working in a city live their lives. It shows some really funny “effects” of marriage (such as how nothing is embarrassing anymore!) as well as the pure comfort and sense of security that one feels in a committed relationship. 

“May you enjoy the adventure and stillness of togetherness”! 

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching if you’re thinking of a non-cliched gift, here is a book you must turn to! This is a light book that takes small personal instances that actually are a part of all our lives in some measure or the other. 

You will be amused at the “love-aggression” of the writer, as much as you will be touched by the beautiful little moments of everyday life. 

Now imagine this recipe. Everyday moments in the lives of a regular couple… taken together and cooked up with a dash of humour and some really cute illustrations serve to entertain and maybe even evoke few moments of deep thoughts.

If you’re in a committed relationship, this is a book that serves as a funny reminder of the fact that little things matter. If you’re still building on your relationship, this is a window to the light side of the other side! And irrespective of your relationship status, if you’re fond of great illustrations, a dash of quirk and loads of humour, you’ll love this book! 

PS…..Look for the cute stickers and postcard at the end!!!

To conclude let’s use one of my favourite lines from Dearest George– “May you enjoy the adventure and stillness of togetherness”! 


Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.