You are currently viewing Living Décor by Maria Colletti- handy tips to get some green into your home!

Living Décor by Maria Colletti- handy tips to get some green into your home!

Green is in….and indoor green has never been as ‘in’ as it is now! Having plants indoors is beneficial, and that’s a no brainer. The question is, how? And, how to have living décor actually flourish within the house? How can you present it aesthetically? Living Décor by Maria Colletti has some answers.


Striking and beautiful images supplement the text as the book expresses the myriad aspects of including living décor within your home. There is a section devoted to practical care for plants. There are tips on watering, giving sunlight, taking care of pests and so on, in view of the fact that the plant is kept indoors. The book then talks about specific indoor plants and the care that each of them requires. Elsewhere as the book progresses, many names of specific plants or categories (such as succulents) come up.


However, the part I found most exciting was the mix and match of the plants with various other decorative or utility items within the house. It is not just about displaying the potted indoor plant by itself. What kind of pot is it in? Where is it placed? What decorative or other items will you place around it? Will you create a story to it? How will it blend in or stand out in the décor scheme of your setting? How will you change and redecorate it? These were some of the aspects that I paid attention to while reading the book- and I got plenty to ponder over!  


I also enjoyed the project section which is a recipe-style writeup of how to create specific projects, such as a plant chandelier, a glass globe terrarium, a pumpkin inspired centrepiece and a couple of other DIY projects. The author provides an insight into the concept of Herbariums and how ‘found’ objects such as leaves and flowers can be preserved for décor.

Tips to takeaway from Living Decor


  • Apply the right plant to the right planter!
  • Understand the unique soil, light and water requirements of the plant you choose to have indoors.
  • Living décor is for the indoors as well as for entertaining! Scout home décor stores to find pieces that go with the theme. (For instance, plant themed tableware would look great with actual plant arrangements on the table)
  • Terraniums offer a beautiful way to merge plants and décor within the home.
  • Herbariums and displaying ‘collected’ and ‘preserved’ leaves and flowers from your travels are also authentic items that lend an extra edge to your décor scheme.


Living Decor is a book that is packed with implementable tips and many images. It will also lead you to discover and identify your unique décor style and understand how your indoor plants can blend in your specific surroundings and décor schemes.



Title: Living Décor

Author: Maria Colletti

Publisher: Cool Springs Press  

Genre: Non-fiction, Home and Gardens


Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.