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The Gift of the Gab by Hory Sankar Mukerjee

Have you ever faltered during a presentation and have it flop on you?

Ever wondered whether your choice of words or tone of a message or email were ambiguous after sending it?

Do you find it arduous to deal with difficult conversations?

According to you, are listening skills and small talk the least important aspects in communication? 

Hory Sankar Mukerjee’s latest book, ‘The Gift Of The Gab, by Sage Publications is all about subtle nuances of corporate communication that can bring about constructive changes in your professional life. Like his past book, Business Communication, this book too focuses on the improving one’s skill sets and abilities to communicate in the most clear and direct manner. These then, leave no room for misinterpretation or doubt. His books are a boon to new entrants as well as veterans of the corporate world in today’s fast paced, double-edged digital world. 

With his vast and varied experience, Hory Sankar Mukherjee has identified the following as the pillars of productive communication – nonverbal cues, networking, meaningful conversations, small talk, listening, managing difficult conversations, presenting, writing effectively and being HOT – honest, open and trustworthy. (Your eyes widened at HOT – don’t deny it ). In hindsight, we realize the inconsequential treatment we were giving them but how significant it is to develop these skills in reality. We wonder how arbitrarily we were functioning and how much the mistakes actually cost us! 

The path to a fulfilling communication process is in our own hands.

The USP of this book and Hory Sankar Mukherjee’s writing is that it makes for a smooth, easy and fast read. It is written keeping his target audience in mind. The references to research make it more credible and the examples, more engaging. 

The book is by no means only for those in professional positions. Every individual can benefit from tips given in the book and relate to them. We have all faced obstacles in our communication from time to time, bewildered by what we were doing wrong. 

This book answers all those perplexing questions and goes a step ahead. We realize that the path to a fulfilling communication process is in our own hands. All it requires is cognizance and practice. A little effort can go a long way in improving the quality of our communication and conversations. Just as hearing and listening are two different things, Hory Sankar Mukerjee’s easy and clear writing, makes sure we not only read the book, but assimilate it too! Are you set to develop the Gift of the Gab?

Karishma Shah

Karishma Shah is a counsellor, who is passionate about reading books. While she is open to reading a variety of genres, fiction is where her heart lies!