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The Curious Case of a Hidden Treasure-  Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers

On the surface, Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers has all the elements of a great novel- a rich historical backdrop, a hidden treasure, a tough and determined lead character and a gripping mystery. However, there is nothing clichéd about this book. The writing style, scenes and dialogues ensure that the Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers is unlike anything you’ve read before.


Written by first time author Uttiyo Bhattacharya, Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers is set during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Following the death of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafur, Bayaz-ud-din Waris Ali Khan becomes the sole guardian of a priceless treasure. Unsure of what to do with this treasure, Ba’az leaves behind traces and clues for those brave enough to find it.

 After several years go by, a young architect stumbles upon this dark secret. He decides to chase history thereby discovering the lost treasure. The story follows his quest for this timeless treasure and uncovers some disturbing secrets along the way.


One of the best parts of the Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers is the sharp and concise way in which it is written. It gives abundance of information without deviating from the main story. The detailed way in which pre-independent India has been described is a delight to read as it gives an interesting account of the state of affairs of the bygone era. The author has ensured that each historical reference is fact checked and accurate.


The characters are well written and compelling in their personalities and one cannot help but feel invested in the main character Ba’az. His razor-sharp mind combined with his thirst for knowledge is well defined throughout the story. The supporting characters add to the drama of the narrative and enrich this historical saga.


Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers is an exciting read as it keeps the reader hooked onto the story until the last page. A classic case of will he find the treasure or not helps maintain the attention of the reader. Those looking for a little bit of history along with some mystery will find this book the perfect read.



Title: Ba’az of the Bengal Lancers

Author: Uttiyo Bhattacharya

Publisher: Juggernaut

Ages: 10+    




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