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The Magic in You: Awaken Your Soul by Deepa Rajani

The Magic in You: Awaken Your Soul by Deepa Rajani (Jaico) starts from the premise that each individual has the free will to create his or her own destiny. Through short compact chapters the book gently nudges the readers to awaken their inner magic. 

Bookedforlife chats with author Deepa Rajani. Excerpts…

You have mentioned that despite many other books on the subject, you found a calling to write down your thoughts. What makes “The Magic in You: Awaken Your Soul” different?  

Every book is unique. And this book The Magic in You-Awaken Your Soul, empowers you to find the hidden power to become the creators of your life. It guides you to see that behind every lesson there is a blessing in disguise. The Creator who created us, whether you call him God, Allah, Bhagwan or Universe has given us the gift of freewill. Hence, we can make the right choices to create our destiny… 

Affirmations appear throughout the book. You do mention that one can use the ones mentioned in the book. However, do you think that making specific affirmations that address unique concerns is useful?

Affirmations are the tools we can use to empower and guide us to become more confident in dealing with and facing challenges. They help us to think positively. I also believe in ask empowering questions to the Universe/God. I believe it is always answering us. It is we who have to learn to listen. Indeed, making specific affirmations to address unique concerns helps us to focus on the outcome we wish for. Thus, they are the magic at work. 

The book strongly emphasizes on the premise that our thoughts have the power to change our lives. Most people have intrusive and negative thoughts a lot of the time. In the book you mention the “Change that thought experiment”. Could you briefly talk about that for our readers?  

I absolutely believe that our thoughts create our reality and what we give energy to comes into our lives. You have the power to CHOOSE what you are giving energy to. You bring things into your life by the thoughts you think, actions you take and belief systems you hold.

The book has several compact chapters on a variety of topics making it very holistic in approach. One of the chapters that resonated with me was one on the mantras and meditations. There is a very practical aspect to this chapter. You give prayers for different situations and the visualizations that one could do. My question is, are prayers more effective with visualization, and why?  

Whether Prayers or Visualizations are effective all depends on the ‘Faith’ with which you do it. Visualizing the end result is always helpful. This is because as your energy is now on what you want. It is not on what you don’t want. 

Tell us about the books that have made a big difference to your life.  

There is a treasure house of amazing books out there. The Bhagavad Gita, has been very influential, as has Dr Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the habit of being yourself. A few other books include…

How can readers make the most of your book? 

“Within each of us lies a power which is so strong, it can move mountains, heal incurable diseases and bring to you everything you ever dreamed of..”. The Magic In You- Awaken Your Soul guides you to find this Magic inside you! 


Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.