You are currently viewing Can a Moment Change Your Life? Exploring this seemingly innocent question is Tanaz Bhathena’s The Beauty of the Moment

Can a Moment Change Your Life? Exploring this seemingly innocent question is Tanaz Bhathena’s The Beauty of the Moment

In life’s long journey one experiences millions of moments, some big, some small, some insignificant, some life changing. In these entire moments one can’t help but wonder- Do we make the moments in our lives or do the moments make us? Exploring this unique quandary is Tanaz Bhathena’s The Beauty of the Moment, published by Penguin. 

A sweet, innocent teenage romance is portrayed with an undercurrent of depth and angst making this a perfect young adult novel. While the story is the usual cliché of boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy wins girl back- it is the elements of cheating parents, moving cities and teenage angst that sets the book apart from the rest. 

Susan Thomas has recently moved to Canada to pursue her education along with her mother while her father continues to remain in Saudi Arabia. Susan finds it difficult to adjust to her new surrounding and is portrayed standoffish and introverted. However, when she meets Malcolm Vakil, things take a tumultuous turn and we are left with a classic teen crush. Susan’s reluctance to mix with her peers and her uninterested demeanour is superbly expressed through various scenes. Malcolm’s tense relationship with his family and uninspired approach is something every teen might have experienced.   

Bhathena takes her time to set the stage for her story and adopts a leisurely pace while exploring her characters. Alternating between Susan and Malcolm point of view, the book gives equal weightage to both the central characters giving the reader varying perspectives. The innocence of their courtship, slow burn of desire and inevitable pain of your first break up will bring back bittersweet memories of your first love. Although the characters are teens, they show a remarkable amount of maturity and girt in the face of adversity. 

The Beauty of the Moment is a delightful read for young adults and teenagers who are looking for a light romance. 

Title: The Beauty of the Moment           

Author: Tanaz Bhathena

Ages: 14+

Genre: Romance 

Publisher: Penguin 

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