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Love is Beyond Everything- A Slice of Life Romance

We’ve all felt that inexplicable feeling of love. The beginning of a crush, the first stirrings of desire, the excitement to getting to know somebody and wanting to spend every free minute with them- the process of falling in love is probably one of the most beautiful experiences of life. It’s no wonder then that this feeling has been encapsulated in the form of songs, movies, books, art and plays since centuries. Love stories continue to be one of the most popular genres of art, and books based on this theme has countless readers.

One such gem is Akhil Maheshwari’s novel, Love is Beyond Everything. A classic love triangle following the lives of Aditi, Kabir and Maan, Maheshwari tells an engaging tale. Kabir has always been in love with Aditi who is hopelessly in love with Maan, the father of her daughter. Despite several efforts, Aditi has been unable to shake off her feelings for Maan and concocts an elaborate scheme to finally get over him. The scheme involves Kabir, his unrequited love and Aditi’s daughter. However, the best laid plans can often go awry and this soon results in a tumultuous tussle between all parties involved. Various facts come into light and feelings and realizations resurface.

While the thought and intention behind the book is noble, the story is a bit robotic. It sometimes lacks the wistfulness and fantasy that love inevitably brings making the story a bit too cut and dry. The characters are well developed but they end up being cardboard cut outs and generic.

However, the fast pace of the story and heart-warming scenes make Love is Beyond Everything a light and pleasant read. Women and college students might enjoy the book more, but men interested in getting in touch with their softer side may find this an informative book. All in all Maheshwari has written a slice of life kind of romance that will leave you asking the eternal question- can true love really trump all?

Title: Love is Beyond Everything

Author: Akhil Maheshwari

Publication: HalfCrow


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