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I Like Art: Renaissance, an art history book for kids

A brief introduction to the art of the Renaissance period.

The Renaissance is a much-loved period of art in the history of mankind. It was an era of peace and prosperity. Thus, people devoted a lot of time and money to arts and things of beauty. This art history book for kids introduces the Renaissance in a simple and easy to comprehend manner.

Easy to navigate…


This book is easy to navigate since it is divided into apt chapters, each covering important aspects of the Renaissance period. Starting with what defines this period, the book goes on to describe the influences and techniques that dominated the era, the artists who made a mark with their works, the impact and influence of the period in general and the famous artworks of the era.

The young reader will understand how and why the paintings of the era stuck to predominantly religious themes, depicting scenes from the Bible. The book also talks about two main figures of the period, such as Raphael (known for his Madonna paintings) and Sandro Botticelli (known for mythological religious characters). At the end of the book, there is a small descriptive index with a few key works of the era and details pertaining to them.

By using illustrative examples from the artworks of these painters of the time, the book brings out the main distinguishing characteristics of the art of the period.

What’s in it for the reader?

The young reader who reads the book will be enamoured by the sheer number of paintings used to illustrate the book. I read the e-book, and the quality of the images was very good as well.

The text has been written in a simple and easy-to-comprehend manner. However, it is not extremely detailed, but those looking at a very brief overview of the period would find this art history book for kids quite useful.



Title: I Like Art: Renaissance

Author: Margaux Stanitsas


Genre: Children’s Nonfiction

Age group: 6-10 years independently, and for the 4-6 years age group, I feel the book could be read with an adult.