You are currently viewing Mira the Detective by Pavithra Sankaran: mystery stories for younger readers

Mira the Detective by Pavithra Sankaran: mystery stories for younger readers

Getting a child on to classic mystery chapter books may seem daunting. However, Mira the Detective by Pavithra Sankaran is an apt book to hook younger readers on the genre.

The protagonist, Mira, is an eight-year-old girl who is curious about everything that goes around her. With her wit and quick thinking, she is able to solve some challenging problems that people around her encounter. This book has three mystery stories for younger readers.

Mira the Detective

Mira the Detective introduces the mystery genre to young children

In “Tic Tic Tic Trouble” an antique watch is stolen from Mira’s mother’s shop. How does Mira manage to find the culprit?

In “The Mayamix Mess” packets of the popular and tasty Mayamix are destroyed in the factory. What could be the motive behind the crime…and how does Mira find out?

In “The Payasam Puzzle” a neighbour goes missing and is supposedly kidnapped. How will Mira get her back?

Mira the detective is always ready to solve a new mystery!

Vandana Singh’s illustrations make the reading all the more enjoyable. The three stories have a familiar cast of characters that the reader will get acquainted with. There is enough suspense to keep young readers intrigued, and yet, not so much that they get overwhelmed!

Moreover, this book belongs to the popular hOle series. Put very simply, it is a book with a hole on the top right hand corner. Believe it or not…this is endlessly fascinating for young children as well!

 In short…

Crime….curiosity…suspense…a lot of deductive thinking….and of course, a brave little child- this book has all these elements of an exciting mystery story. With three stories packed into a single hOle book, it is a great collection of mystery stories for younger readers.


Title: Mira the Detective

Author: Pavithra Sankaran

Illustrator: Vandana Singh

Publisher: Duckbill Books

Genre: Fiction

Age group: 5-8


Dhanishta Shah

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