You are currently viewing Susie Will Not Speak by Shruthi Rao adds to the ‘hOle’ repertoire of Duckbill Books

Susie Will Not Speak by Shruthi Rao adds to the ‘hOle’ repertoire of Duckbill Books

As most of us know, children can be extremely cruel, especially when it comes to treating other kids who are different. Duckbill Books has been a forerunner in tackling this theme in its well-crafted stories for children.

 Susie Will Not Speak by Shruthi Rao continues this theme. Susie, a young lively girl, speaks with a lisp. Needless to say, she is the butt of jokes in the playground…and sometimes even with insensitive adults. However, she handles these difficult situations with grace and bravado.

 Enter Jahan- a fun-loving boy who has a strange knack of hurting himself all the time. They develop a close friendship. However, something happens and Susie just stops speaking at all. The adults do their bit to set things straight…but ultimately it is all up to Jahan. Will he succeed in making Susie speak again?

Narrated with a generous dose of humour, it will have the reader smiling all the way to the end. While the book shows how mean adults and children can be to people who are ‘different’, it also shows how there are many sensitive people around. It illuminates how more often than not, children do have the power to overcome their own problems no matter how difficult it seems!


Susie Will Not Speak by Shruthi Rao is a part of the hOle books series by Duckbill Books. It is a chapter book and a great way to introduce beginning readers to chapter stories. With the illustrations by Lavanya Naidu, the book becomes all the more fun and accessible to children. But, more than anything else, it is an inspiring read for younger readers!



 Title: Susie Will Not Speak

Author: Shruthi Rao

Illustrator: Lavanya Naidu

Publisher: Duckbill Books

Genre: Fiction

Age group: Younger readers, 6-8 years