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Paint like Franz Marc by Geeta Dharmarajan

Paint like Franz Marc by Geeta Dharmarajan (published by Katha) introduces a much-loved artist to children. There is something about Franz Marc’s paintings that completely draws children in. It could be the amazing bright and vibrant colours that just make the paintings come alive. Or maybe, it could be the fact that a lot of his work depicts animals, and as we all know, this resonates a lot with children. Perhaps, it could be the sheer delight that they experience when they see animals in unexpected hues and poses that they do not associate with them! 

Geeta Dharmarajan introduces the concepts of art appreciation in a very simple manner, that children will find quite relatable. She poses simple questions about the paintings that have been depicted in the book. Well, these may be simple one-liners, but it will lead the child to look carefully at the artwork in the book. Questions such as “Can you see the tiger’s eye?”, or “how many gazelles can you find?”, make children look at the work in question more deeply. 

However, the questions go one level deeper as the book progresses. For example, in a painting depicting a yellow cow, she poses the question, “Can a yellow cow give milk”? The book takes the child on a beautiful journey right into the works of Franz Marc.

Paint like Franz Marc by Geeta Dharmarajan
Paint like Franz Marc by Geeta Dharmarajan (Available in English and Hindi)

Towards the end of the book there are short snippets of information about the painter, on how to paint like him, and other divergent issues linked to the themes of his paintings. 

The book is a delight to read because it is so vibrant in presentation. Moreover, the text is minimal but impactful. It is a book that will appeal to children as young as three unto seven or eight years. A wonderful book to add to your collection! 

 Paint like Franz Marc by Geeta Dharmarajan adds to Katha’s repertoire of books that honour art and artists. 

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Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.