You are currently viewing These books from the Earth Carer series by Katha Publishers venture into teaching children to care about the earth, and how our actions impact it.

These books from the Earth Carer series by Katha Publishers venture into teaching children to care about the earth, and how our actions impact it.

Teaching children to care about the earth in the context of negative impact of human actions has never been more urgent. As I write this story, it is coincidentally just around the time of the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. Here, we saw young teenagers asking strong questions about what the previous generations have done to the earth. Indeed, the way things are moving ahead, the key stakeholders of our world, that is, the children, will lose out on the bounties that our planet has to offer. 

My Big Book of Earth, edited by Geeta Dharmarajan

What can make a child care about the earth? The very basic premise is to instil a love for the planet within children. My Big Book of Earth presents nuggets of words and pictures that infuse the child’s mind with images of the glorious beauty of our planet. 

Poems, folk tales, translations and stories about the natural beauty of the Earth fill these pages. The bright and colourful illustrations and artwork combine with the words to evoke a complete picture of the beauty of the earth. 

But, there is a foray into the magical and whimsical as well. For example, the story titled “The Glass Tree” is strong in symbolism and imagery. It also carries a strong message in a manner that is so easily amiable for little minds!

There are snippets of information on how children and people have made a difference in their own ways. At the end, there are some simple and handy tips on how children can start off their own “Earth Carer’s club” in their setting. 

Age: 3 onwards, up to 9 years. 

My Big Book of Global Warming, edited by Geeta Dharmarajan

My Big Book of Global Warming makes children aware of the specific issue of global warming. It focuses on global warming as a theme by explaining what happens when the earth/ Mother Nature goes to extremes because of insensitive actions of human beings. 

We may have heard the term “global warming” in many a conversation. But, how can one really explain that to young children? How does one translate it into something that any child, from a five-year-old to a secondary schooler can easily relate to? The answer lies in this book, which explains not only the concept of global warming and why it occurs, but also gives pointers on how they can be agents of change. 

With a strong focus on India, this book talks about specific scenarios in India as well as our indigenous nomadic tribes. This book is an inspirational read that is sure to encourage and give birth to little green activists! 

Of course, aided by wonderful illustrations and a melange of factual text with stories and poetry, it once again elevates the children’s picture book as an instrument of awareness and change! 

Age: five onwards 

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Teaching children to care about the earth begins with making them aware. The books that constitute Katha Earth Carer series merge art and literature to create awareness and encourage action in the youngest of children, for the most crucial of problems that we face today! 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.