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The Lies We Tell by Himanjali Sankar

The Lies We Tell by Himanjali Sankar (Published by Duckbill Books) is a YA novel in touch with the pulse of young adults today. Irfan, Uma and Rishi are ‘besties’, until they form the proverbial love triangle. Uma breaks up with Irfan and starts seeing Rishi. But then, someone circulates an image of Uma. Naturally, Irfan is the suspect. Sounds predictable? Well, hold on because this is not a frivolous love story talking of puppy love! What follows is an intense tale of human emotions, with unpredictable twists and turns.


The Lies We Tell takes a deeply honest look at the millennial generation and what ails them. The book is written in a simple and lucid manner, but grips the reader completely. WhatsApp conversations between Uma and Rishi as well as emails that Irfan writes to his sister, Appi, form a part of the narrative, moving the story forward and indicating what is in store.

 Many themes interwoven in the narrative will resonate with the YA readership- the constant struggle between parental expectations and what the heart truly desires; the impact of a disturbed society and societal ills on young minds; the challenges of being a teenager, but above all the issue of mental illness.

 A sense of suspense catches the reader right in the middle of the book. Who has sent a picture of Uma to a group of boys in the class? The climax is poignant and the entire narrative has been very beautifully crafted!


 Title: The Lies We Tell

 Author: Himanjali Sankar

 Publisher: Duckbill Books

Genre: Fiction

Age group: Young adults


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