You are currently viewing 150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep YOUNG MINDS Fit & Fine by Neeraa Maini Srivastav…a book giving tips to teenagers
A light read addressing issues pertinent to teenagers..

150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep YOUNG MINDS Fit & Fine by Neeraa Maini Srivastav…a book giving tips to teenagers

Writing for the tween and teen community is always a challenge, and giving tips for teenagers, that is, presenting a self-help book (read ADVICE!), is all the more difficult. With 150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep YOUNG MINDS Fit & Fine, author Neeraa Maini Srivastav has found the perfect balance between putting forward key suggestions to this age group, without sounding preachy or talking down to them.


At a very basic level, the book is a collection of tips for teenagers…simple tips that comprehensively cover three key areas in life: the mind, body and spirit. Each tip is short, concise and to the point (with snappy titles for each tip and apt illustrations that add to the fun of reading). These thoughts seed the idea of wellness in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, they are also targeted specifically at teenagers and hence cover issues that are of primary concern to them (menstruation, sex, tattoos, technology amongst many others).

At a time in society when young people are increasingly grapping with issues related to identity and fast-changing social mores, it is important for them to have something to rely on for advice and guidance. The tips presented in this book will fulfil that role to a certain extent.

The icing on the cake is probably the list of affirmations at the end of every section. There are a set of affirmations for the body, mind and spirit, and this part of the book is probably relevant across all age groups.

Anyone who has handled teenagers knows very well that moralizing does not work at all with them. It is heartening to see that the book avoids any kind of moralizing, nor does it ‘talk down’ to the reader. At the same time, the author’s belief in metaphysics and new-age spirituality gently permeates many of the tips, adding to the overall positive feel that one gets on reading it.

I would look at the book as a simple and comprehensive ready reckoner for a teenager (or parent of a teenager!) for whom holistic development and wellness is a clear goal.


Published by Pustak Mahal, 2016


Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.