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The Blue Songbird: Teaching your children to find their inner voice

I’ve always loved picture books, and the profound messages that these apparently simple books convey. In today’s competitive world where children enter the rat race in the same manner and intensity they should be entering playgrounds and parks, maybe, it is time to pause and really ask yourself and your children, what is their inner voice…Their true inner voice. Maybe, The Blue Songbird will facilitate this process.


The story

Written by Vern Kousky, The Blue Songbird tells us the story of a little blue bird. It is springtime and a young songbird hears beautiful songs all around her. These joyous songs are sung by her sisters, who are, no doubt, quite accomplished singers. The little songbird wants to add to this. She wants to sing what her sisters sing and be a part of the chorus. But, she finds this difficult. She gets dejected.

Luckily, she has a wise mother. When she complains to her mother that she does not seem to blend in with her sisters, her mother advices her instead to stand out.

“My dearest one,” replied her mother, “Not just any notes will do.You must go and find a special song that only you can sing.”.

The songbird goes on her quest. The story follows her varied encounters with different birds. Finally, when she returns home she realises that she has her very own song to sing. This is because of her own experience, her own story born out of her travels, and her very own song created from her adventures!

The words in the book have a very simple lyrical quality to them. The watercolour illustrations are sure to delight!


An empowering book about the power of individuality and self-expression

What we can learn

This is a gentle way of instilling a desire for individuality, at ones own pace, in a child. It is an empowering book that you may want to turn to from time to time. Like the songbird, our children are all unique individuals who need to be set off on their own adventures of self-discovery so that they can discover who they really are and express themselves when they choose to. This process must take its own time and not be a hurried one. While we all know this simple truth intrinsically, sometimes it takes a little picture book to remind us. And, The Blue Songbird does the task well!

Published by Running Press Kids (20 April 2017)


Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.