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Thatha’s Pumpkin by Lalita Iyer and Proiti Roy

Very often we see that it is in simple stories that some really profound thoughts find their way. Karadi Tales has come up with yet another story that touches upon the magic of simple things in life. Lalita Iyer’s skilful way with words work their magic together with Proiti Roy’s delightful illustrations, in an engrossing picture book, Thatha’s Pumpkin. Tia’s Thatha has returned from his farm with his harvest. But, the most prized one from the lot is an enormous pumpkin. He is eager to try out a special recipe of the pumpkin halwa. And, he needs a huge slice of pumpkin for that.

But, there are other plans in store! A pumpkin this big, has to be shared! As his granddaughter moves around their community, sharing just a little bit of the coveted pumpkin, different people use it in different ways. 

True beauty of community, the magic of really different people coming together comes through in the lovely story that leads to a surprising but very heart-warming and soothing conclusion! 

The overarching message that I draw from this warm story is something that is very simple, that we are taught in schools but we forget as we grow older- sharing is caring. 

One can connect with the story and the illustrations make the experience all the better! The grandness of the pumpkin is in itself a source of great amusement and fun for younger readers!  After all, it’s not every day you come across a pumpkin that’s bigger than your head and barely fits on your table! 

This book left me with a very warm-hearted feeling. It also brought back some wonderful nostalgic memories of the bonds we had with neighbours. I read it during the time of the lockdown, and so the entire concept of the community and sharing made the message of the book so much more relevant! 

A heartwarming tale of sharing food and joy, and celebrating the little things in life. Thatha’s Pumpkin appeals to all, but especially to the 3-7 year age group. A keepsake to treasure for years to come! 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.