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Style Files: Timeless books on fashion and style

The transformative power of fashion is well-known. Fashion is not frivolous anymore. It is, instead, a tool to express our very unique personalities. But, how can one harness the power of true style? Here are some books that have their unique practical take on how a woman can express herself at her fashionable best. Are you ready to look at some style files?


Fashion Makeover by Brenda Kinsel

Brenda Kinsel plays your fashion Fairy Godmother in this book. It is a practical makeover guide. If you follow the book to the T here is what you will learn in just a month: how to identify your own style, tame your closet, shop for what you need, work on your hair and makeup…….and basically at the end of it all, bring out your inner diva!

Read it if: You want a step by step how to guide to bring out your inner diva.


Full Frontal Fashion by Melissa Sones


This book comes from the makers of a popular TV show that focused on fashion. It basically answers the question- what to wear when and where? How do you dress for different occasions? How do you pack/ shop/ buy right ? Some of the topics such as “Cubicle Couture,” “Editing Your Closet,” and “Become Your Own Stylist” are also quite helpful.

Read it if: You want practical advice on dressing stylishly for a variety of occasions.



Real Style by Sam Saboura


This book is filled with style secrets for real women with real bodies. Yes, let’s accept that the wonderful women we see on the ramp and on the screens may not reflect the larger part of the population. The book devotes a good amount of space to discussing different body types and what looks good on them. There are also plenty of tips and tricks on how to dress right for different occasions.

Read it if: You want some quick fashion hacks and tips especially on dressing right for your body type.


The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia


How can you stay chic and shop smart? Yes, shopping and staying stylish do go hand in hand, but that does not necessarily mean that you need to break the bank for staying fashionable! This book takes the reader through three questions: what do I have, what do I need and what do I want. Based on this contemplation, the reader will form her own style strategy. I love the way the book is peppered with fashion and style quotes, little bits of information about fashion in the past, and handy tips.

Read it if: You want tips on how to buy less, choose well and mix it up!


Be Stylish by Pernia Qureshi

This is a book packed with style tips in a very comprehensive manner. I would say it is like an all-rounder when it comes to books on fashion. It covers all that one needs to know: what is style, what to wear for your body type, how to shop smart, what to wear when, how to use accessories and accents and so on. The highlighted tips on every page are also quite useful. There is also an Indian angle to the book and thus it takes into account unique situations and requirements of being fashionable in the context of a specific culture and locale.

Read it if: You want a compact and comprehensive introduction to elements of style


With these books you can open a new chapter in your style files and bring out your inner aesthetic with ease!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.