You are currently viewing Best Books on Medical Themes- when the noble profession makes its way to the pages of non-fiction and fictional stories

Best Books on Medical Themes- when the noble profession makes its way to the pages of non-fiction and fictional stories

Doctors, practitioners, nurses and medical staff hold top position in professional hierarchy as medicine is considered one of mankind’s greatest achievements. So, is it any surprise then that this noble profession makes its way to the pages of both non-fiction and fictional stories? Here are some brilliant books that have a medical theme as its backdrop.

When Breath Becomes Air

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi elucidates his memoirs in the most moving and inspiring manner.  A story of family, medicine and literature, When Breath Becomes Air will move you to tears despite its grim nature whilst shedding light on the thin line between life and death. 

The Fault in Our Stars

Two teenagers find themselves navigating the turbulent path of the teen years whilst also battling a deadly disease. A story written by John Green about the innocence of young love and maturity of a fatal disease makes this best-selling book a must read. Audiences connected so deeply with the book that it was made into a major motion picture in both Hollywood as well as Bollywood. 

The Midwife’s Confession

A complete page turner, The Midwife’s Confession is a story filled with mystery, intrigue and unexpected twists. Tara and Emerson are left devastated when their close friend, Noelle commits suicide. They had no idea of the torment that Noelle had experienced during her time as a midwife but the letter she leaves them will reveal all. The last few chapters keep the reader glued to this cleverly written mystery by Diane Chamberlain.

The Anatomy of Hope

The Anatomy of Hope by Jerome Groopman illustrates the vital role hope plays in the life of a patient when diagnosed with a disease. This beautifully written book explores the unique differences between human emotions and science and the correct way to distinguish hope from false hope. The author makes a strong case for the reach and limit of this essential human emotion.

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science

In gripping accounts of true cases, surgeon Atul Gawande explores the power of medicine, offering an unbelievable view from the scalpel’s edge. Complications depicts a science not in its idealized form but the way it truly is- uncertain, astonishing but still profoundly human. 

“Before you diagnose any sickness make sure there is no sickness in the mind or heart. For the emotions in a man’s moon or sun can point to the sickness in any one of his other parts,” says the Maxim of Medicine which beautifully lays bare the emotional journey one undertakes whilst battling a disease. 

Indeed, battling an ailment is an exhaustive physical, mental and emotional journey for not just the patient but even his loved ones. Medical themed books bring to light this struggle beautifully whilst reminding the reader of the fleeting moments that make life worth living.

Sanjana Parikh

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