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Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann: A journey towards holistic fitness.

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What makes up a good life? A great job, good home, loving family…and a healthy body and mind. Very often we tend to ignore the ‘health’ aspect, until we face a problem. This is when someone needs to step in. Someone, who can guide us in a holistic manner. Through the story of Amit Malhotra, a 35-year-old investment banker, life coach Jasmin Waldmann talks about this journey towards fitness, which we all mean to undertake, but very often don’t.

When fiction meets non-fiction

This is a self-help book that tells a story. This format makes it appealing to readers. Remember the age-old “Show…Don’t Tell” rule for writing? Well, through Amit’s story, the book shows how a healthy fulfilling future is indeed in our reach, without appearing to be preachy.

Amit Malhotra lives the proverbial good life. He has a great job and is doing financially well. He owns a house in one of the most envious neighbourhoods. He has a loving family comprising of his wife and two children. It is all perfect is it not? Not really. The young successful man loses a close friend and colleague to a fatal heart attack- right in the middle of a conference. This shocking incident forces him to look into his own life- and the drastic changes he needs to make in his diet, lifestyle and attitude if he does not want to meet the same fate.


A holistic look


Amit gets in touch with a life coach named Natalie Kofman. Then begins a journey that sets him on a path of holistic development that involves fitness training, life coaching, mindful eating and meditation.

One of the important concepts that this book brings out is the fact that good health is not just about reducing weight. Weight-loss is just one aspect of the entire package. It needs to be combined with a healthy illness-free body, good attitude, peaceful mind, nutritious food and attention to happiness in life and relationships.

The gradual change in Amit’s mind-set as he interacts with his life coach, mirrors the changes that one expects to see in oneself. At the end of each chapter, one gets a glimpse into Amit’s diary, where he notes down the key things he has learnt and his thoughts on the process of change. This mindfulness on Amit’s path, also expresses and shows the gradual change that he experiences on the path to personal transformation- not only in his weight and fitness, but also in his relationships with his family, team at work and above all, himself!


What’s in it for the reader?

As a reader of a self-help book, it is nice not being told what to do, but instead, through an example, being shown what to do. This is exactly what Jasmin Waldmann does. By following the path and journey of Amit, who in a sense reflects most of us today, readers can pick up cues as to the life changes that they can implement in their own lives.

The book also outlines the role of a life coach who has emerged in recent times as a professional who can help in holistic development of the individual. It glides through information about the Pilardio concept (a workout that combines Pilates and Cardio) and the JaWa Diet. Jasmin Waldmann is the inventor of Pilardio and the developer of the JaWa Diet.

Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann is a book that could be a good starting point for a series of small but effective changes in order to transform your mind and body.


Title: Change Me

Author: Jasmin Waldmann

Publisher: Jaico Books 

Genre: Health, Self-Help