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4 Easy Steps to Switch From Job to Successful Entrepreneurship by Success coach Nilesh

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We live in a world of start-ups and a society where a mind set of entrepreneurship has always been revered. Many books have been written on entrepreneurship, but what makes “4 Easy Steps to Switch From Job to Successful Entrepreneurship” by Success coach Nilesh different is that it deals with a more specific topic- that of shifting from a job to becoming an entrepreneur. 

The author, who is better known as Success Coach Nilesh, has been consulting businesses for long now, supporting clients worldwide via training, coaching and consulting. Drawing from his vast experience, he has crystallized his views on the topic in this easy-to-follow self-help book.

 As the title suggests, the book focuses on four simple ways to make the transition from job to entrepreneurship. The book starts off with outlining deep psychological and other fears that may be preventing a person from making this switch. Consequently, it also outlines in a simple manner how one can tackle these issues one by one. 

 Entrepreneurship may have its challenges but it also comes with many advantages. While we normally focus on financial benefits and the fact that you can be your own boss, there are other ways by which it can enhance your life. Take for instance the fact that it is indeed an opportunity to change the world for the better, a chance to improve other people’s lives, a way to meet interesting people and much more. The book illustrates a whole new set of advantages that come with being an entrepreneur. 

 The book takes us through the four steps: Decide, Design, Start and Succeed. There is a comprehensive set of questions at the end of each section to ensure that the reader has grasped all the points adequately. If you follow these to the T, you’ll realise that it’s quite a bit of soul searching work involved!

 The section on strategies of time management, also incorporates tips for work life balance keeping in mind that he reader would be juggling a job and family along with the entrepreneurial venture (at least initially).

 Another helpful part of the book focuses on ways a startup business can save money. These innovative tips and tricks are all about inexpensive ways to attract customers, do PR and marketing and other routine aspects connected to business life. 

 The book is a very simple read. There are numerous motivational quotes that punctuate the pages. They do inspire and encourage readers. 

 If you are on the long and lonely but very fulfilling road to entrepreneurship, you may find that this little self-help manual of sorts will be a faithful companion and reliable guide. Success Coach Nilesh has scored again with this one!

4 Easy Steps to Switch From Job to Successful Entrepreneurship

by Success coach Nilesh 

Vishwakarma Publications (2017)