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Katha Unlimited- Download these fantastic books for children on Kindle

Reading has been one of the most preferred ways of beating the lockdown. And in times when access to our favourite books is only a click away thanks to e-readers….it’s time to be thankful indeed! Kindle Unlimited has been a go-to platform in lockdown times. Here are some picture books for children from Katha Publishers that you must read…time for Katha unlimited?

One’s Own, Yet Different by Meena Kakodkar

Don’t we all associate grandparents with storytelling? They are those patient people who bring a sense of calm in the hectic pace of lives of their grandchildren, patiently answer their questions and tell them countless number of stories. They also pass-on timeheld values. But, what happens when the roles are reversed?

Yes, grandparents can learn a lot from children too, as does Aatibai, from Banu who is her daughter’s daughter.

Young Banu is a lively girl bursting with questions. But, her endless questions make her maternal grandmother rethink and question the norms of the society she was brought up in and hence the mindset that she has developed. Why couldn’t girls’ study? Why would her ornaments be left for her son’s unborn child and not her daughter’s child? Why could she not come and stay at her married daughter’s house even though she was unwell? The old grandmother encounters many questions that challenge everything that she has lived her life by.

Katha has touched upon the very poignant issue of gender stereotyping in this touching conversation between a nani and her grand-daughter. This is a book that is both tender and contemplative.

The book moves fast thanks to the playful banter but leaves you with really deep questions and points to think about. These are questions that we often choose not to ask…. gently playing along with established gender norms that are screaming to be broken in the world we live in!

Meena Kakodkar‘s words work in perfect harmony with striking art by Charutha Regunath.

A must read for all grandparents… with their grandchildren in tow of course!  Best for the 3-6 age group. A book for keeps!

Days with Thathu by Geeta Dharmarajan

Days with Thathu by Geeta Dharmarajan poignantly describes the beautiful relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter. The artwork by Nancy Raj is not only detailed but seamlessly supplements the story.

It is a feel-good book that will touch a chord in your heart. it describes fun carefree moments that a grandparent shares with his grandchild. As your child reads this book, there will be smiles and memories…at these innocent and simple activities that do not demand money or resources, but yet provide more fun than money can ever buy!

In this simple book, one can experience the sheer power of imagination!

The Song of a Scarecrow, written and illustrated by Suddhasattwa Basu, Katha Publishers

The scarecrow is a familiar figure for children. Not only are many early childhood stories replete with this image, but, it is common to see scarecrows in farms and gardens.

In this story, the scarecrow comes to life. He is tired of his ‘boring’ job of guarding the cornfield, and hence he sets off on an adventure. How does he pass his day? Does he find that coveted freedom or is there something else in store for him?

The wonderful artwork and the fast-moving story will enthral little children into this magical world, and drive across the subtle message that we all have a role to play in this world, and that we are indeed interdependent on each other!

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.