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Ladakh for children…..Sonam’s Ladakh by Manish Lakhani

What is the best way to know about a place? In my opinion, the true essence of any place lies in the lives and the daily routines of the people who live there. They represent the spirit of the place. Sonam’s Ladakh by Manish Lakhani, as the name suggests talks about the spectacular beauty of Ladakh through the eyes of one inhabitant, Sonam, who lives there. In a sense, the book presents Ladakh for children in a different and creative manner. 

Sonam belongs to a semi-nomadic tribe called the Changpas. Hence, this adds another layer to the book, because it means looking at a place through the point of view of an indigenous tribe. Towards the end, bite-sized information gives a comprehensive information about these tribes. 

Katha Books are known for having an element of activism gently woven in every story. this book touches upon the issue of melting glaciers. Yes, it’s the tip of the iceberg but one can definitely start here to make a difference!

The book is filled with beautiful real-life stills and photographs. Well, we’re talking of Ladakh so needless to say the images are breath-taking! 

The author, Manish Lakhani, is an avid photographer and adventurer, and has been to Ladakh several times. Thus, the authenticity penetrates the soul of this little book. 

Sonam’s Ladakh by Manish Lakhani is a great read for 4-7-year olds. It not only packs in a lot of information about Ladakh but introduces Ladakh for children from an interesting point of view. 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.