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Flying with Grandpa by Madhuri Kamat

Flying with Grandpa by Madhuri Kamat


How much do grandparents influence their grandchildren? A lot, as we all know. Xerses adores his grandfather. His mother Sonji wants Xerses to be like JRD Tata. But, for the young child, no one could be more ideal than his grandpa, his beloved Mamavaji. His interactions with his grandfather are filled with pure unadulterated fun. The relationship between the boy and his grandfather has been very beautifully evoked in Flying with Grandpa.

 However, Sonji, like most parents is always looking at disciplining Xerses and ensuring that he makes the best use of his time instead of fooling around with Grandpa. Thus, follow a turn of events where each family member grapples with their own unique realities. How does the bond between the grandfather and his grandson play out? Is Sonji ultimately able to balance between her expectations of her son with his natural inclination to do completely the opposite of what she wants? How does Sonji’s husband, Noshir, balance it all?

 The book conjures wonderful and familiar images of a Parsi household. However, the theme of the story is universal. The setting of the story could well have been any household in any part of the world. The human emotions it induces are indeed common to all. The interactions between the various relationships depicted in the book- mother-son, father-son, mother-father and grandparent-grandchild, are quite authentic and relatable. The influence of grandparents on children; how this may sometimes come in the way of what parents want….and how to balance it all- these form an integral part of Flying with Grandpa! This family story will touch your heart and also entertain at the same time.

 This is a poignant and touching story of simple family and the very common issues that surround us all. It is also an apt book for children who have just started reading chapter books. Peppered with lots of humour in language and situations, with wonderful illustrations by Niloufer Wadia, Flying with Grandpa will leave younger readers delighted!


Title: Flying with Grandpa

Author: Madhuri Kamat

Illustrator: Niloufer Wadia

Publisher: Duckbill books

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Age group: 8 onwards