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The White Umbrella by Brian Sewell

These trying times call for a feel-good indulgence and The White Umbrella (Speaking Tiger) offers exactly that. An animal lover at heart, author Brian Sewell puts a long-legged donkey at the centre of his novel. With an aim to complete the journey to England from Peshawar with an Englishman Mr B leading the way, The White Umbrella is an unforgettable adventure. 

Eccentric and whimsical, Mr B discovers the baby donkey Pavlova from the streets of Peshawar and together they embark on the impossible journey to England on foot. The adventures, lessons, challenges and eventually triumphs faced by this unlikely pair forms the rest of the story. 

Interesting places make an appearance in the books which are described with great detail and flair. Houses with the most exquisite tiles paint a descriptive picture while Isfahan, where Pavlova is introduced to the craftsmanship of world-famous carpets, is a delight to read. Another interesting story is of Dogubayazit where Mr B climbs Mount Ararat and educates Pavlova on the story of Noah’s Ark.  

Through the course of the book, Mr B and Pavlova use different modes of transport and minimal walking. Humorous incidents take place in dusty old beat up trucks, a classic Mercedes Benz and a vintage Rolls Royce. At the heart of it, The White Umbrella is a story that is extremely descriptive and brings the readers imagination to life with its charming illustrations. 

The book has been published by Speaking Tiger and is suitable for all persons above the age of 8 years. The story captures the most innocent moments of childhood, intense growth of teenage years and the responsible maturity of adulthood which makes it a must read for all age groups. The title The White Umbrella comes from Mr B’s all time favourite invention, a sturdy white umbrella which is perfect for all seasons.    

Sanjana Parikh

Sanjana is a freelance writer and content creator with an affinity for books and chocolates. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, baking, movies and music.