You are currently viewing Papa’s Marathon by Nalini Sorensen, illustrated by Prashant Soni

Papa’s Marathon by Nalini Sorensen, illustrated by Prashant Soni

Papa’s Marathon is a light hearted tale about fitness goals…a common scenario that every child will identify with!

Papa’s Marathon is a story that every family is familiar with. It all starts with Gia’s father going to the doctor, and the doctor advising him that he needs some exercise.

He is very enthusiastic about starting his exercise program. And yes, the latest fitness clothes and gadgets must find a way in as well. After all, they are required for his new hobby.

Well, the road to fitness is always paved with difficulty! Gia’s father loses the initial steam. But then, what are enthusiastic families for? It is clear that he needs motivation and the entire family is here to help! With great goals comes great motivation. Hence, he aims at participating in the Marathon.

Does Papa’s Marathon actually turn out the way the family expected it? They were all so enthusiastic about his participation that Gia’s grandmother is actually set to record the entire race on her camcorder.

But what happens to Papa’s Marathon on the D-Day? Does he cross the finish line? The surprising end of the story will leave the little reader with a smile on the face!

Nalini Sorensen’s words combine beautifully with cheerful illustrations by Prashant Soni in order to create a humorous account of how we approach fitness today. Papa’s Marathon may just be the right book to read as we are set to enter the season of marathons!



Title: Papa’s Marathon

Author: Nalini Sorensen

Illustrator: Prashant Soni

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Genre: Children’s books

Age group: 3-6