You are currently viewing Peanut vs the Piano by Yashodhara Lal…a new hOle Book

Peanut vs the Piano by Yashodhara Lal…a new hOle Book

Duckbill’s hOle Books are meant for younger readers. But, that did not deter my tween from swinging the book round his little finger and dipping into a story he could very much identify with- Peanut vs the Piano. The scenario in the book is familiar. Peanut used to love the piano when they bought it. She was eager to learn. But old familiarity sets in and her enthusiasm wavers and declines. Sounds like your story? It very well could be!


Peanut’s dilemma is well understood. But then, there is something that can rekindle the love that has diminished! This hilarious story has two parallel themes. At one level, it is about how to hold on to activities one is interested in (in this case the piano) despite the passing of time. At another, it is an exciting adventure involving a brave young girl!

 Shreya Sen’s illustrations add to the humorous text penned by Yashodhara Lal. The book is funny and hilarious with a host of lovable characters- the twins, Papad and Pickle, who are the most delightful set of siblings, Moonish Sir, the Piano teacher who insists on playing with ‘feeling’, the grumpy neighbour Mrs. Jain, Peanut’s mother- the modern working mum who juggles the different aspects of her life and has her head firmly on her shoulders, and many more interesting characters.

Through the entire adventure, does Peanut experience a new feeling towards the black and white monster? It’s for the reader to find out!

The hOle booksby Duckbill experiment slightly with the book form. As the name suggests, these books with a hOle, add a fun element to the book. There is a hole at the top right end of each book, which somehow younger children find very fascinating! As is typical of hOle books, the very construction of the book with a hole, is an added attraction! Peanut vs the Piano by Yashodhara Lal is a worthy addition to this beautiful repertoire.


Title: Peanut vs the Piano

Author: Yashodhara Lal

Illustrator: Shreya Sen

Publisher: Duckbill

Genre: Fiction

Age group: Younger readers