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Getting delightfully boxed-in with OriOri kids- sharing our “sleepbox” adventures

Bedtime reading is one of the oldest parent-child bonding rituals. Cuddling up with a book and your child on your lap, and reading to them is the best way to call it a day. When I first heard about the “Sleep Box” by OriOri kids, I was curious to know how this could infuse a new spirit in a relatively usual and predictable bedtime reading ritual. 

This is a unique concept that incorporates into the bedtime ritual, an enticing and educational package. 

The unboxing….

All of us have experienced the sheer joy of receiving a parcel in the mail. Yes, with online shopping this has just become all the more fun! So, for us, the excitement started with the OriOri box arriving in the mail, with a lovely handwritten note. This one was for five-year-old Myra. 

Each box comes with one book. Our book was about the emotion of jealousy. Parents have an option of ordering the whole series of the respective books. The bookbox also contains a beautifully designed and super comfortable pajama set, again with the customized prints. 

The Unboxing!

Immersive prints

The prints developed for the night suits in the box are geared towards encouraging conversations and exploration. They are again in sync with the overall theme of the box. It’s nice to be able to incorporate these in conversations with the child, connecting them to the overall theme. 

In sync with sustainability 

We are not surprised to hear that OriOri recently won the KSP 2019 Award for The Best Environmentally Conscious Brand. As a new age brand, it addresses the urgent need of the times- that of being aware of one’s ecological footprint. 

How does this manifest in the final product? We are delighted to see that the packaging tissue as well as the box both form a part of the activity that the child can do. Myra spent hours colouring the tissue and opened up the cardboard packing box into a playmat. After colouring on this one, it was used as a play base for a bit! Of course, it could be folded back into a box and reused. 

Everything has a use!

“Sustainability is a huge value for us – all our products are created in such a way that the packaging has a learning element built into it. For instance, in each PlayBag (which is another OriOri concept), the bag itself can be cut up into an activity (along with colouring pens and stickers provided alongside) and then reused later,” says Diksha Kaur, Creator + CEO of the brand. 

Not all sleep!

In addition to the Sleep box which has a variety of themes, I would urge you to check out the other immersive activities as well. The Festive Box and the Playbag are two other products which look quite interesting, and their book subscription service launches in March 2020. 

The FestiveBox is the ultimate festive solution, created to nurture a sense of tradition by teaching your little ones the significance behind our Indian festivals. It does this by pairing limited edition kurta pajama and shararas that are easy for kids to play in and wear through the day, with books on festivals or Gods and Goddesses.

The SleepBox brings to you the ultimate nighttime solution with a nightwear and book on the same theme. Each OriOri nightwear collection delves into different facets of personality, so that a parent can easily choose the collection that would nurture or interest their child, for example, The Dreamer, The Naturalist, The Minimalist and so on. The SleepBox comes in the OriOri DIY Habitat Zoo Box with animal stickers and crayons. Each custom print for the specific collection is vetted by the OriOri education partner such that each print, book, and unboxing surprise stimulates the physical, emotional, and intellectual faculties of the child to bring them moments of surprise and delight.

The PlayBag is the ultimate 30-minute experiential learning solution. The OriOri Bag recognises and celebrates the inner nature of a child by bringing together uniquely-crafted t-shirts, shirts or books (according to the child’s interest), with a very special, memorable “unpackaging” experience.  These make incredible “just because” or birthday return gifts.

The BookClub

Did you know that parents who connect with their kids over reading rituals have higher probability of having a future open dialogue with their kids? Did you know kids who read well at age seven have a higher chance of getting a high-income job than those who don’t? The problem is finding the books that will interest your child to continue reading. 

Enter the OriOri BookClub!

In this new service, the parent is required to select the child’s age group and the plan they would like to sign up for. The OriOri team of MBAs, educationists, and artists from all over the world bring forth an experience that will excite the little one each month, so that their interest in reading is increased (or, at the very least maintained!)

OriOri will send across a collection of 3-5 books each month across different interests, along with a learning exercise so the child is able to really absorb what they read!

OriOri currently caters to the 2-8 age group. While the Sleep Box blends seamlessly into our notion of a literary lifestyle, you can explore the wide range on offer on the OriOri Website. For some more inspiration check out their Instagram account @OriOriKids 

OriOri moves beyond just books, carving out an immersive learning experience for the parent and child. An OriOri product encourages parent-child interaction and bonding not only through reading but through an entire holistic experience with the product, also incorporating the concept of sustainability. We think it makes for an amazing gifting option as well…and just can’t wait for our next one!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.