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Flights of Fantasy: Book recommendations for pre-teens


Are you set for flights of fantasy?

Go back in time with this book!

Adrian Edmondson’s ‘Tilly And The Time Machine’.

Age: 9-10 years

Tilly, a seven and a half year old, is just like any other girl. But, she wants to travel back into time to her sixth birthday. And, it just so happens that her dad has made a time machine that might just make her wish come true. So, what happens when she goes back in time? She meets a really special loved one. But wait, now she is stuck there! Does that mean she’s going to be 6 forever? Will she be able to return?

What we love: We love the manner by which Tilly, despite her age, manages to overcome her fears and fight every situation that comes her way.

What kids will love: Kids will love Tilly and her Dad’s Time Machine so much that they’d feel they travelled back in time too, with the book. They will, for sure, love the imaginative spin that takes place in the story.


Sometime courage comes from the most unexpected of places!

Vivian French’s in ‘The Adventures of Alfie Onion’.

Age: 9 to 10 years

This is a story of two brothers; Magnificio, the greater of the Onions and Alfie, the younger of the Onions. Magnificio has set out on a journey that will win the Onions their HAPPILY EVER AFTER and Alfie has joined him to only carry his ‘baggage’, as he calls it. But, what happens when Magnificio loses his courage midway into the journey? Will Alfie be able to help him out?

What we love: We love how, even after being the younger one, Alfie motivates and keeps up Magnificio’s spirits to help him through his journey, no matter how hard it is.

What kids will love:  Kids will love the meddling magpies, and the talking horse and of course, Alfie’s extremely loyal dog.

Cosmic travels

Jack Cheng’s ‘See You In The Cosmos, Carl Sagan’

Age Group: 11 to 12-year-olds

This story is about a very confused boy, Alex, who wants to know where he’s from, what he’s supposed to do, what’s his role in the universe and where he belongs. WOW!! Now, that’s an intriguing series of questions for a little boy. How about we solve them with Alex, one by one? Alex is on a mission. He wants to send his iPod in space so that people out there won’t feel lonely and out of place. Go on an adventurous journey with him with this book!

What we love: We love Alex and we love his beautiful spirit. We love how he is always looking for answers and always trying to learn something new.

What kids will love: Kid will love Alex’s recordings and Zed, who surprisingly doesn’t talk much. Kids will absolutely love knowing all the cool stuff about space. Maybe, they’d find where they belong!


Off to magic school!

Nick Mohammed’s ‘The Young Magicians And The Thieves’ Almanac!’

Age Group: 11 to 12-year-olds

Alex wants to be a magician and has really cool friends. Zack is a pickpocketer, Sophie’s a hypnotist and Jonny is spectacular with Science. These four, together, want to be real life magicians and have enrolled in a secret school of Magic. But, as soon as they get in, strange things begin to happen. Now, the gold from the Bank of England is stolen. What is this, really? Is it a heist? Or is it a detective story? Well, you’ll find out what it really is…

What we love: We love how the book takes us on a thrilling adventurous ride filled with magic and science and consequences, altogether.

What kids will love: Kids will love the magic spells. They’ll go bawling over the hilarious hypnotic tricks that Sophie executes like convincing her Brown Owl that all Brownies are in fact Jelly Fishes!

Well, these books are sure to take our young adults on flights of fantasy! These books are at the cusp of the world where lines between imagination and reality blur!

Shalini Bajaj

Shalini Bajaj is the Chief Delight Officer at Enchantico: India's First Book Subscription Box for Kids. She is in-charge of curating everything that goes in the box to enchant the kids every month!