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Reliving the Good Old Days with A Coven’s The Hill School Girls

One of the best memories of life belong to school days. The school campus, classrooms, friends, teachers, fun and studies form an unforgettable part of our childhood and help shape us into adulthood. Those carefree days never fail to bring a smile on one’s face as they remind us of a simpler and happier time.

The Hill School Girls

The Hill School Girls is a popular boarding-school series for young adults. The book follows four school girls navigating the ups and downs of school life while dealing with families, personal problems and friendship. Trouble, the fourth in the series and follows the lives of Elizabeth, Mahrukh, Maitreyi and Ayesha.


Mahrukh is the central character of Trouble and outlines the issues faced by her family, a middle class, cash strapped household. Mahrukh has to think of creative ways to save their shop from being taken over. The predicament is common, but Mahrukh’s quick thinking and resourcefulness is quite commendable. Her sensitivity and adjusting nature is what makes her a likeable and well-rounded character. The school also appoints a former Olympics player as a basketball coach who Mahrukh wants to impress. As the story unfolds, we are given a glimpse into the personality and mindset of each of the characters. Her friendship with Elizabeth, Maitreyi and Ayesha is solid and it’s nice to see the strong female bond between the four girls.  


The language used in the book is simple and easy to follow for readers of all ages. Set in contemporary India, the themes and issues highlighted in this book are relatable and will take you down memory lane. Certain scenes and dialogues bring back the innocence of school days and fill your heart with warmth and nostalgia. Mahrukh’s determination to help out her family and her loving bond with them is heartwarming.  


The Hill School Girls is a good read for young adults and adults alike as it tells the story of simple girls with ordinary problems, but the extraordinary resilience and strength which they display while solving them is noteworthy.



Title: The Hill School Girls- Trouble

Author: A Coven

Publication: Duckbill

Age Group: 10 years+




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