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Camouflage Cards: Bringing the beauty of illustration to education

When Roopal Jain, Illustrator, Storyteller and Founder of RooDoodleDoo started creating nature related illustrations on the weekends as a way to de-stress, she did not know that the hobby would soon convert into a brand. 

“RooDoodleDoo is an attempt to combine my passion for visual arts and nature to create content for children (and adults too!)” she says. She was fortunate enough to have gone to a school nestled in the lap of the Ganges, where peacocks danced unabashed, snakes slithered around the trees and blue bison jumped over the goal posts in the playground. Nature played a major role in her formative years, and this essence also pervades the brand. We chat with her to know more….

What are some of the crucial aspects that you keep in mind when you illustrate for children? 

Since most of my illustrations are focused on animals I try to create cute character designs, make them relatable, vibrant and focus on the details. If there is a message or information that I want to communicate I do it in a funny/light-hearted way so that the child doesn’t feel stressed or anxious.

Tell us about the Camouflage Cards. How did you conceive the idea of these cards? 

Well, it all happened very organically. While I was working at a start-up, I took up an illustration challenge – 36 Days of Type. 36 Days of Type is a challenge where illustrators/artists design one alphabet every day and share it on social media. The theme for my alphabets was Animal Camouflage.

While I was posting my Camouflage alphabets a lot of mothers reached out and asked if these illustrations would be available as flash cards for kids. That really put the seed in my mind. And Voila! Soon after I decided to quit my job in Singapore and went back to India to get the product made.

What are the ways in which they can be used for toddlers? 

A to Z Camouflage in Nature are extremely versatile. Here are some ways they can be used in for different age groups.

  • Introduce the concept of Camouflage
  • Ask them to trace the camouflaged shape of the alphabets as a visual exercise
  • Shuffle the Cards and ask the kids to arrange it in alphabetic order
  • Introduce the concept of Land, Water and Air Animals
  • Read out and learn interesting animal facts at the back of the cards
  • Teach them animal classification – Mammals, birds, reptiles,insects, fish etc
  • Ask them to form simple words using the alphabets
  • Play Scavenger Hunt with the cards

Share some interesting feedback that you have received for these cards? 

Most of the feedback that I have received is about the high quality, uniqueness of the idea, diversity of the animals across geography, classification and habitat and the countless ways in which the cards can be used. A lot of mothers said that they themselves learnt a lot through these cards!

The A-Z Camouflage in Nature poster is another product that you offer. What are some of the ways a parent could use this for the child? 

The A to Z camouflage in Nature Poster is a great product to spark the curiosity in the child to learn more about these animals. It definitely adds vibrant colors and textures to the room. A great visual exercise for the kids to go through each letter and observe the camouflage.

Could you name 3-4 best illustrated books for children in your opinion? 

1. Here we are – Oliver Jeffers

2. The word collector – Peter Reynolds

3. I am Brown – Ashok Banker

If you want to know more about the varied products they offer, do visit the RooDoodleDoo website

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.