You are currently viewing Party like a Star by Shilarna Vaze….Recipes and Hacks from Bollywood’s favourite chef!

Party like a Star by Shilarna Vaze….Recipes and Hacks from Bollywood’s favourite chef!

Who does not love a good party? Great to attend one, and even better to host one! But have you ever noticed that when it comes to hosting gatherings some people just shine out. It sometimes makes the rest of us wonder, how do they do it? Well, you’ll get many of those pro-tips in Party Like a Star. 

We are social animals. Right from the times when our hunter-gatherer ancestors sat around the fire roasting the catch of the day and chit chatting, to the modern times when we sit around the table at a fine dine restaurant, in the canteen or at home…gathering and eating in amenable surroundings is a part of us. Party like a Star by Shilarna Vaze, published by Penguin, addresses this very basic human tendency. Thanks to her extensive experience of catering to top notch Bollywood celebrities, the book is packed with tips, tricks and recipes that help you, well, party like a star!

The book…

This book is really practical in nature. It addresses many points on crafting great parties and gatherings. What is the theme you should have? What vibe should you aim for?  What about the decor? What should you cook? What could you outsource and where? It’s helpful that she gives tips based on kinds of gatherings, complete with menus and recipes! 

How to Party like a star 

While you will find the book an invaluable resource as you host your soirées, here’s a sneak peek into some tips and tricks that really strike a chord with us. The book has tips predominantly from Vaze, but many of her clients and other professionals have generously added to the book, making it more special. Well, just like a party, more the merrier! 

Vaze writes in a friendly and chatty manner and reading the book feels like a casual and helpful banter. The little details about celebrity parties that Vaze has catered to adds to the appeal. The book is filled with recipes and menu hints for a variety of parties. 

So here are some takeaways….

A great party needs to have the right mix of people. Throw in people from a similar background and it can get very boring! 

Give a thought to the purpose of the event as this will determine the type of event you put together. The aim should be to create compelling experiences for the guests. 

For small intimate gatherings a beautiful dips and chips platter makes you look like a domestic goddess! 

Identify a few areas where the decor elements will have the biggest impact, such as the entrance, dinner table, bar counter, and /or maybe a little corner where people are likely to sit.

Invest in at least one set of gorgeous crockery and cutlery. 

One of the non-negotiables when it comes to decor is the flower element. Whether your style is ikebana, wildflowers scattered all over, or structured, formal flower bouquets, flowers and lighting make a world of difference. 

Barbecues are a great option to get all age groups involved and feel useful. 

High teas are about making the table as appealing as possible. Remember to find a place that has lots of natural light and where you can work with some natural elements like plants, flowers, creepers and vines. 

Well, these are not even the tip of the iceberg….but you’ll be sure to uncover so many more as you journey through Party like a star. 

With the tips in the book you’ll definitely be able to sit back and relax and enjoy your own party! It also highlights different kinds of gatherings right from picnics, high teas, brushes, dinners, cocktails and so on, with specific tips tailored for the kind of gathering you are hosting. Don’t miss the super helpful checklists at the end of the book as well! 

So, this is just the starter…for the true dope dive right into the book and yes, learn how to party like a star!

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.