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Finding Tree by Geeta Dharmarajan 

It is a lucky child who has a very large tree as their best friend.  Nachiketaki, or Nachi, the child protagonist of Finding Tree by Geeta Dharmarajan (Katha Books) has spent a greater part of her childhood in the beautiful and vibrant world of this tree that is teaming with life. The tree in question is a mangrove, and true indeed brims with life. 

Gorgeous illustrations by Rajiv Eipe take us through these wondrous experiences of a child in sync with nature. Nachi hears the million sounds of the multitude of creatures, looks at the vibrant colours of the thousands of insects and animal life, swims with the fishes under the water where the tangled roots of the mangrove are rooted. These are just a few of several other poignant moments that bind Nachi to the natural world.

But loss comes in unfathomable ways. One morning Nachi wakes up to find the tree gone. Her grandmother, Paatikutti, consoles her, talking to her about how finite everything is. She tells her about Emmeraja, the one who controls the world. 

Nachi sets off to meet her. The picture book unveils the journey as she meets mystical magical creatures and comes face to face with the Emmeraja, the God of Death. What does she return with? What message of immortality does she bring back to her own world? 

The poignant conversation between the God of Death and the child, throws open many questions and many answers as well. When Nachi returns back home, there is a sense of sadness , but it has been enriched by deeper understanding and also a glimmer of hope! 

Finding Tree by Geeta Dharmarajan is a beautiful heartwarming tale for young readers aged 5 upwards. 

Dhanishta Shah

Dhanishta is a Counselling Psychologist and a freelance writer. She is the Founder of Bookedforlife.