You are currently viewing Ninja Nani to the rescue! An enthralling book-duo by Lavanya Karthik

Ninja Nani to the rescue! An enthralling book-duo by Lavanya Karthik

What can a little boy do if his Nani turns into his favourite cartoon character? Deepu is faced with a strange predicament. On a perfectly normal evening, he is fighting for the television remote with his grandmother in a perfectly normal way. Something happens. Then, she turns into a Ninja with Ninja superpowers! What follows is an eventful night filled with adventures. Nani takes her Ninja calling quite seriously. Welcome to Ninja Nani!

Lavanya Karthik introduces the very loveable Ninja Nani in two books, meant to be read one after the other. Ninja Nani & the Bumbling Burglars presents Nani’s fantastic transformation and Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids builds on the adventure.

The language in both the books is extremely hilarious. There is an inherent humour in the language (for example, The Schoolbag Of Endless Sorrow as a word to describe his school bag). The situations described are also hilarious (Nani acting like Ninja, soumersauting in celings, backflipping quite efficiently and so on). Both these aspects combine to make for a comical read.

There are many illustrations throughout both the books which add to the fun of reading. In some of the key sections, the books also assume the form of a graphic novel. This is a very novel and interesting aspect.

Ninja Nani & the Bumbling Burglars
Ninja Nani & the Bumbling Burglars

In the first book Deepu and Nani take on a gang of robbers who are all set to rob a bank. In this book, both Deepu and Nani have just discovered the fact that Nani has Ninja powers. Both are coming to terms with it, and the adventure story forms a part of the entire story.

However, the second book, Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids has a very confident Nani take on a huge challenge. She is the Mystery Hero of the town using her great powers quite responsibly for helping the residents of the town. Only Deepu knows her secret, and both of them work in tandem. This time round though, the challenge is bigger and tougher. Mrs.Godbole’s tuition class has something strange going on. Deepu’s friends who are a part of the class are acting like sleep-deprived zombies. Worse, Deepu may just join them! It’s all up to Nani to save the day. A lot more fighting and lots of excitement in store!

Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids
Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids

While the book is a fun adventure story on the surface, at a deeper level it also shows the beautiful grandson and grandmother relationship in the context of modern times.

There are a lot of references to the popular Ninja Dragon Morimori series. Children who are aware of this TV show and with the fantasy world of the Ninjas, will find many familiar terms. Reading the book will be an extension of their appreciation of the series. However, those who are alien to the Ninja world (just as I was) need not despair! They will still be able to glide through the book quite smoothly and in addition be acquainted with the beautiful world of Ninjas! On the whole, both the Ninja Nani books make for an entertaining and fun-filled read for middle-readers!


Ninja Nani & the Bumbling Burglars

Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids

Both books by Lavanya Karthik

Published by Duckbill Books, 2017



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