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Story wall

Parineeti Chopra’s storybook wall

If you are a serious booklover…your house will show that! Actress Parineeti Chopra’s home, designed by The Orange Lane (founded by Shabnam Gupta) translates her love for books into a multimedia piece of art in form of a storybook wall. Conceived and created by Ganga Kadakia, the wall portrays colourful and vivid book covers that in an instant, take you down the memory lane!

 Bookedforlife takes a glimpse into the making of the storybook wall in a conversation with Shabhnam Gupta.


 Is the ‘story book wall’ a movable screen or a stationary wall? 

The wall is a stationary one.

 Could you briefly highlight the technical process that went into creating it?

The wall was built as a wood framed partition. Covers of iconic books and movie posters were selected and pasted onto the partition which had a textured egg white finish as a base. The entire composition was then sealed with a clear topcoat.

 What is the base of the storybook wall?

The base is plywood.

 How do you think that this story wall enhances the ambience of the house? 

There is a direct connect of the wall with the space since it is located in the den, where she would spend time watching movies or reading books from her library. 

 Chopra also has a vast book collection, which seems to be important for her. How did you incorporate that into the decor? 

The other two walls of the space are created as a large library – a set of white niches with pops of colour and wall paper. It houses her collection of books as well as artefacts.

Walls have ears…goes a popular adage. Well, in some special cases they have a story to tell as well!