You are currently viewing Something’s Moving! Daya Subramanian and Anusha Sundar create some moving magic!

Something’s Moving! Daya Subramanian and Anusha Sundar create some moving magic!

Something’s Moving!


Poetry, rhythm and movement. Young children love this combination and Something’s Moving! by Daya Subramanian is a perfect concoction of all three.

Something’s Moving!, a bright and cheery picture book for children takes Daya Subramanian’s delightful verses and Anusha Sundar’s eye-catching illustrations to bring animals to life. So, as the pages unfurl, the child is exposed to a variety of animals and their specific movements. Fishes swim, monkeys swing, swans glide, frogs leap, horses gallop, deer bound gracefully, elephants amble, bulls charge, crows flap their wings, woodpeckers knock on trees, snakes slither and tortoises crawl into their shells.

Each verse describes the movement of a specific animal. As you read the peppy verse it will be only too natural to mimic the movement described and actually enact the verse.

The illustrations are also quite attractive. One of their distinctive aspects is that they quite aptly part from typical illustrations of common animals. They have an Indian folk art touch to them and this unique style makes the reader appreciate the entire experience in a different manner. Hence, one has a beautiful swan that is not white at all, a glorious horse of royal pedigree and many more common animals seen with a very different and immensely creative lens.

With one verse and animal for a double page, the book is not crowded and busy at all. There is a lot of bold colour to keep it attractive for kids. It is an apt picture book for ages two to five.


In short

A book that is fun to read and enact as well. Mimic the movement of the animals and the entire reading process will turn into a fun drama exercise!

Do remember to also focus on the illustrations, which resonate with a unique indigenous feel.

Title: Something’s Moving!

Author: Daya Subramanian

Illustrator: Anusha Sundar

Publisher: Karadi Tales

Genre: Children’s Books, Picture Books

Age group: 2-5